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Best Zoom Monocular 2021 Reviews

If you are investing in an optical instrument that would enhance your experience in any indoor or outdoor adventure, a zoom monocular would stand out when compared to a telescope or binoculars.

Do not look for just a monocular but the best zoom monocular.

A monocular has become popular among many die-hard explorers and hunting enthusiasts because of its small and compact size compared to the other two.

Besides, it is relatively cheap and it captures precise and high-quality images that look like they are a few inches from where you are.

It also gives you a comfortable view from any angle.

There are many zoom monocular in the market today. Going through each of them can be quite overwhelming.

We have come up with a list of the top five zoom monocular that will give you confidence when taking your shots.

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Best Zoom Monoculars

1. Hawke Endurance ED Monocular

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Editor’s choice

Affordable for its features

One the top of the list is this monocular. It is well known for the crisp and clear images that it gives.

The clarity is enhanced by the extra low light dispersion glasses.

It is a lightweight monocular that is easy to carry around during the act.

Being waterproof and fog proof gives the advantage of using it in all weather seasons.

With the two knobs on it, there is the possibility of giving a close focus that one would want. This is known as one of the most affordable high-quality monocular good for bird watching.

  • Affordable
  • Good for bird watching
  • Has knobs that are turned to give better focus
  • High clarity
  • Lightweight
  • It may be bulkier if put in the case


  2. Celestron Nature 10×25 Monocular, Black

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Number two in the list is this monocular. It has a lifetime warranty.

That means that on buying it one does not need to worry about return or exchange.

It is waterproof and shockproof. Therefore it can be used for all weather conditions.

To enhance that, it also has a rubber covering on it.

Last but not least, it gives clear images due to the multicoated lenses. It also has a roof prism that enhances clarity.

  • Waterproof
  • High clarity
  • Lifetime  warranty
  • Focus is for the small ranges


3. Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular

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Gosky is one of the top brands that outdoor enthusiasts have been using for quite some time now.

The manufacturers know how imperative it is for the explorers and hunters to have the beauty of nature brought close to them in an instant.

They produce an optic that many people love. It is one brand you can never go wrong with.

To start with, the magnification of this zoom monocular is to be admired.

Images are magnified 12 times and more details about them are gathered.

The objective lens is 55mm in diameter. This is enough to allow light through it.

Hence, you can capture images with high clarity and brightness.

The color reproduction in the pictures is precise and you can get more information about your target.

You need a zoom monocular you can easily use in any environment? Gosky has been designed for this and more. It is purged with argon, a feature that allows it to be resistant to fog, water, shock, and dust.

As if that is not enough, it has been sturdily built and coated with rubber armor for durability. This is great for reliability purposes.

There is no limit to what you can use this optic for. You want to star-gaze, bird watch, hunt, attend concerts or go kayaking? Well, the monocular can be great for all of these.

It comes with a phone adapter. This allows you to record videos or take photos that you can share with your friends or loved ones. Many memories are therefore created out of these.

The optic stands out due to its adequate eye relief. With such, you can capture great images without straining at all. It is also small and compact and when carrying it, you may not even feel its weight. Therefore, it is among one of the best monocular for backpacking.  These are some of the great features that make it so popular among many people.


  • High power magnification of 12X.
  •  Large objective lens is 55mm in diameter.
  •  It provides high-resolution images.
  • It is highly reliable due to its strong construction.
  • It is waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof and dustproof.
  • Eyecups are easily adjustable.
  •  It can be used with or without glasses.
  •   It can be hard to keep it stable.It is moderately priced


4. Aurosports1–30×40 Zoom Monocular

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Do you want to capture your experience clearly and see the world more closely? Choose aurosports zoom monocular. This optic is gaining popularity at a very high rate due to its great features. You are able to get a great optic without having to dig much deeper into your pockets. It is well worth every coin you invest in it.

Its features are not much different from those of the high-end ones. For example, its magnifications range from 10X to 30X. This means you have options within the range you want. You can spot images that are far away from it even when it is zoomed out. The field of view is excellent and the images captured are both clear and sharp. You can capture beauty when you are many yards away.

The objective lens is wide in diameter at 40mm. The ocular lens, on the other hand, stands at 20mm. This means there is enough light that is allowed into the optic to allow you to get clear, crisp and bright images. You can also switch from FMC green film to HD blue film if you want because the BAK4 prism has both of these.

If you want to continue with your adventure before darkness cripples in, you can as well do so because Aurosports monocular can be used at dawn or dusk due to the presence of the low light feature. The quality of images produced at that time is great and you will not experience vision limitation.

The eyepiece is coated with rubber to prevent your eyes from getting injuries. It also allows for comfortable viewing. This makes it suitable for both glass wearers and non-glass wearers.

It has a great design that allows for use in diverse weather conditions. It is waterproof and fog proof due to the presence of nitrogen gas that fills it. It has a strong build from the aluminum alloy and the rubber armor on its body. It is therefore quite sturdy and durable.

Due to its small size and compactness, you can carry it with you anywhere you are going. It can be used for many outdoor activities including bird watching, hunting, star gazing, concerts, etc.


  • It can be used in low light conditions.
  • It has a zoom feature ranging from 10x-30x.
  • It provides a smooth focus.
  • Solid and smooth design.
  • Waterproof and fog proof design.
  • No distortion along the edges.
  • Great quality for money.
  • The images are not super crisp compared to those of the high-end zoom monocular.


5. SVBONY SV45 Monocular 10-30×50 High Power Zoom

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You have an optic you would capture such beautiful moments with. It can even be much more enjoyable when you have a quality zoom monocular to tag along. SV45 is the monocular you need at such times.

Its magnifications range from 10x to 30x. These enable you to adjust and get the view you need. With this zoom feature, you can comfortably enjoy the activity for which you are using it for when you are at a certain distance without any problem.

If you choose an optic according to the quality of images it produces, this is the right choice. The fact that the lens is fully-multicoated and has a large diameter shows that it is excellent in its light transmission. With such, you will have a sharp and clear view, making it feel like the images are right next to you. At low light conditions, you can easily use them to obtain clear and crisp images. This means your adventures will not be put to rest by the low lights.

Talk of the eye cup twists which can be adjusted to accommodate even those who wear glasses. Also, the optic has a solid construction. You are therefore assured of longtime use. The rubber armor prevents it from getting scratches and been roughly handled.

You have never used a monocular before? No need to worry. It is easy to adjust and focus. It also comes with an instruction manual to guide you on how you can use it excellently. It has been proofed for water, fog, dust, and shock. When there are light rains, you can still go out there and hunt or explore without worrying that it would have poor performance. This is one of the best optics that would make all your outdoor activities to be mind-blowing.


  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof design.
  • It has a great zoom feature.
  • It provides a great view.
  • Has adjustable eyecups.
  • The return policy is quite good.
  •  It has a smooth focus.
  • Has adequate eye relief
  • It can be quite challenging to focus it.


6.   Emarth High Power 10-30X50 Zoom Monocular

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If you are looking for a monocular that performs greatly and with excellent features, Emarth will be a great choice for you. Some of the best features include a wide range of magnifications from 10x to 30x. You can, therefore, zoom in or out to have a great focus on your target. This makes it an excellent option for hunters, target shooters, mountain climbers, explorers, and others. You can use it on any indoor or outdoor activity.

Also, the eyepiece can be adjusted to accommodate both glass wearers and non-glass wearers.

This is not all; the quality of the images is topnotch. This is made possible by the fully multicoated and large diameter of the objective lens that stands at 50mm coupled with the BAK4 prism. With this, you will have no experience with chromatic aberration.

Emarth monocular is unmatched due to how strongly it is built. The rubber armor coating on its body protects it from rough handling and allows for a non-slip grip. The tube is purged with nitrogen gas which makes it a better waterproof and fog proof design. You can, therefore, use it with different kinds of weather.

To top it all, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Here, you will enjoy lifetime support services when you have an issue on the zoom monocular. If you want an optic that will exceed your expectations and offer you so much more, Emarth is the right option. You will never regret owning such a product.


  • It has a wide range of magnifications.
  • Its zoom feature is excellent.
  • It has an adjustable eyepiece.
  • It provides a very smooth focus.
  • Highly portable due to its small and compact design.
  • Light transmission is excellent.
  • It has a low light condition feature.
  • The images produced are sharp, clear and crisp.
  • It cannot be used in extreme darkness


7. CCX 8-24X40 HD Monocular

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No one would want to go on an adventure with a poor-performing monocular. Instead, a great optic that would never fail is always considered. CCX monocular is one of those that would enhance your performance and capture all the beauty.

Many outdoor enthusiasts love this product due to its great features and its great performance. One of the features that allow for better performance is its high power magnification. You can choose the range you want from 8X to 24X to obtain a better vision.

For high clarity, the CCX optic has an objective lens with a large diameter of 40mm. This is wide enough to transmit enough light thus allowing you to obtain clear, crisp and bright images. Regarding this, the field of view is also excellent. With a fully multi-coated lens and a BAK4 blue film prism, nothing beats the clear view that one gets. If you love using them early in the morning or in the evening, the optic is ideal for use at such times because of the low light night vision feature it has.

Also, it has an adequate eye relief. Those who experience blind spots are therefore sorted when they have CCX monocular. Such an experience will, therefore, be a thing of the past. Besides this, beautiful moments can be captured through a cellphone in the form of a video or a photo to remind you of the great experience you had.

This HD optic has a strong build and is resistant to water, shock, dust, and fog. Any kind of weather is therefore appropriate for its use. This is one of the best zoom monoculars you can never go wrong with.

  • It can easily be attached to a phone.
  • The wide lens allows enough light transmission.
  •  Produces images with high clarity.
  • It has a zoom feature.
  • Has an excellent field of view.
  •  Lining up the lenses can be hard.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Zoom Monocular

The market is jammed with all kinds of zoom monocular. When presented with these options, choosing the best can be quite a hassle. This is the right criterion for selecting the best monocular there is.


The main aim of getting an optic is because it brings the images of your targets closer. They are magnified at a certain range so that more details about them are obtained. High powered monocular will allow you to see your targets much more clearly than those which are not. Therefore, choose a monocular with a range of 6x-8x if you want an excellent field of view.

Size and weight

The right monocular should be highly portable. This means it should be lightweight to allow you to carry it wherever you are going for your adventures. Choose a small and compact monocular that can easily be slipped into a pocket.

Objective lens

Consider the size of the lens before you buy a zoom monocular. If the diameter of the lens is big, enough light is transmitted into the optic, you will have an excellent field of view and therefore high-resolution images will be obtained. The diameter of the lens should therefore not be below 20mm but it can go as far as 50mm.


You must choose the best zoom monocular for your outdoor adventures. The tips provided here will come in handy and you will find it to be quite easy to select what suits your needs. Each of the monoculars reviewed here is among the top optics in the market today with great features and unmatched performance.

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