Terms Of Use

When you visit this website, it is an indication that you are of appropriate age, and you are authorized to work with rifle scopes and other hunting gears. It is also an indication that you are aware of our service terms, and the company should not be held responsible for any eventualities that might occur. If you are hunting as a group, our terms and condition also indicate that you are responsible over your team, and you can defend them before a court of law in case of any accidents or incidents that might occur before, during, or after your hunting adventure. When you agree to our terms and conditions, its also an indication that the information you have shared is truthful, and you are legally allowed to lead your team through the hunting adventure. You also agree that you will comply with all our regulations concerning safety uses of all hunting gears we offer and will not compromise their uses at any given time, even when it seems most appropriate and convenient for you.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in the cancellation of all your hunting teams and the purchase of essential gears from related companies, your denial of all hunting events within the region, and suspension from participating in any hunting adventures as a result of the violation. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you observe all the conditions stipulated in the terms to guarantee your position in the hunters club and also continue exercising your hunting skills with minimal interruptions.  It is therefore advised that you ensure to read and understand all the service terms one after the other without skipping even the least of them all for you to enjoy having those gears on your hands.

Our top priority is to ensure we profit as a company as well as keep you safe as the client. Therefore, when you read the service terms before committing to anything, you give us an opportunity to work on improving our service delivery hence manage to accommodate more people and satisfy their needs. Whenever changes to bookings are requested, our standard charges and penalties, as well as those of the suppliers, will apply. A name change is not allowed by other suppliers. It is important to note that a name change is seen by most suppliers as a cancellation. Ensure therefore that you write the

 correct name and details in all the forms you have to fill.

In case you have any complaints during the hunting adventure, you should make a point to complain to the suppliers in whichever means they have provided to receive complaints. If nothing is done about the complaint, you should call our offices. Failure to communicate with us in a timely manner will deny you the opportunity to have the matter investigated by us. Therefore, it is essential for you to always be ready to share any information you have along the hunting journey with our team for better experiences. When you communicate on time, there are higher chances that you can either be refunded or the hunting gears replaced to ensure that your time as a hunter is appropriately used.

As a company, we also acknowledge that our gears may not always be in perfect condition, and they may, in one way or the other, hinder you from experiencing a moment of your life. For these reasons, we recommend that whenever you feel that the gear at hand is somewhat faulty and doesn’t provide you with the experience you expected, speak up, and have the problem resolved in advance. However, there are also times when you get quality gear, but in the process, you damage it while in use. Also, in case of such incidences, it is recommended that you speak up for us to prepare and plan the way forward together. If you choose to be silent in such moments, the company will hold you accountable and will demand full compensation from you regardless of whether the hunting gears were in good condition or not.

Another essential point to consider on our service terms is that it is always important to countercheck every gear before you leave the company premises. This way, you will help us identify hunting equipment that is no longer in service hence replace them at our own cost without infringing huge penalties on you as the customer. Failure to this, we will assume the product was in good condition when it first landed on your hands and when you bring up the issue later, it will be viewed as if you are trying to avoid penalties hence putting the blame on the company. Our policy directs that whenever you puck the gear from the delivery person, whether you hire or purchase if you don’t countercheck in the presence of our team, you are liable for any defaults and will be required to foot the repairs or replacement.

Additionally, although on rare occasions, there are times when the company will agree to cost-share with the customer in case the gear encounters damages while in the hands of the customer. In other words, if for instance, you hire a rifle scope that was not working perfectly since there was no any other rifle, if it completely fails to work but after you have used it for a particular period, you might be required to cheap in and contribute for repairs or replacement of the rifle. However, during such moments, it is essential for you to agree with the company in advance and sign an agreement form stating the same.

Also, in our terms of service, we advocate dealing with one person as the central way of communication between your team and us. This makes it easy for users to trace back every hunting gear that we distribute for hire to occasional hunters. Working with a group can be quite hectic, and the easy way is to ensure you have a representative amongst yourselves. The representative will be liable for the entire team and will smooth transactions between both parties. However, it is essential that you choose a representative with exceptional knowledge about hunting rifles and other gears to avoid equipping your team with the wrong gears.

It is also through our company service terms that we expect you to learn more about our privacy policy and acknowledge that the policy fits your expectations. This will help us do essential planning on how to execute business and also observe your interests as the client. Additionally, we reserve the right to amend, edit, or change these terms and conditions as we deem necessary without your consent. You will be required to go through them every time you hire our services. This will guarantee that you are always updated on what is happening in our company and also how to best take care of our hunting gear to avoid any eventualities. By reading the service terms on an occasional basis also allows you to best understand what works for you and where it is essential for you to raise concerns as the customer. Being in a field that is greatly saturated with hunters and limited resources makes it tough for us to execute our operations effectively. However, with the right to amend our terms and conditions regularly, it makes it easy for us to keep up with the market and still profit those considering to venture into hunting.

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