Best scope for 350 Legend: Top 4 Recommendations


It’s important to pick scopes that will match your shooting style for downrange impact shots, the 350 Legend caliber, and the recoil you’ll have to deal with. For deer hunters to achieve great shots, for example, they’re expected to hit targets at least 200-250 yards away. That’s no small feat! I’ve created this buying guide … Read more

Where are Leupold Scopes Made

where are Leupold scopes made?

Leupold scopes are made by a US-based company, and they are one of the best and affordable scopes available in the market. They have all the best features you would wish to find in the high-end but budget-friendly riflescope. The Leupold manufacturer is a family-owned business that operates from Beaverton in Oregon. The firm is … Read more

How To Clean Gun Scope Lens

How To Clean Gun Scope Lens

There is a need to learn how to clean gun scope lenses. Using your shirttail to wipe off the lens of your rifle scope is not cleaning the scope lens. This cleaning practice will not only affect your vision, but it can also damage your lenses. You should also avoid using home cleaning detergents as … Read more

How To Zero A Scope On A Pellet Gun

how to zero a scope on a pellet gun

Are you looking to perfect your shooting skills? Whether you are using your pellet gun for hunting small game or for target shooting, you should have the skills of zeroing in scope on a pellet gun. It is an easy process that will improve your shooting accuracy. It is good to know how to zero … Read more