How to Choose a Scope

how to choose a scope

If you are a firearm enthusiast, then getting a sighting device on your firearm should come in handy. Therefore, it is good to learn the basics of how to choose a scope. Choosing a scope for your firearm will depend on your expectations and needs. The options are quite numerous, and there is always a … Read more

Best Long-Range Scope Under 1000

best long range scope

Whether you are working on a budget or not, getting quality scopes should not be compromised for any long-range hunter or tactical shooter. A scope helps you shoot like a sniper, and it allows you to experience greatness regardless of the rifle you are using. It is therefore good to look for the best long-range … Read more

Why Should You Always Focus an Object on a Lower Power before Focusing On High Power When Using a Scope?

Low power focus

When you are using a scope, you must understand what happens when you change the depth of focus from the objects you are viewing. The magnification is the relationship between how close the image is when you look at it with your naked eyes compared to when you are using your scope. Magnification makes it … Read more

How to Read Scope Numbers and Their Meaning

scope number and meaning

No one scope can perform extremely well in all circumstances. This has, therefore, led to the manufacturing of different scopes to offer various services. Although the primary aim is to provide users with reliable vision and facilitate accuracy, the difference is quite essential. With this, it is good to know how to read scope numbers … Read more