How To Mount A Red Dot Sight On A Scope

As a new shooter, mounting a red dot sight on your scope can be challenging. You are likely to have many uncertainties about your mounting; will it fall off amid your shooting activity? Or where are you even going to place it? These are common questions for new shooters or anyone looking to mount the … Read more

Nikon m308 Scope 2021 Review

Nikon m308 Scope 2021 Review

Normal human eyes can differentiate objects that are about 1/60 of a degree. It means that at 100 yards, an object should be around 1/10 foot high for one to know what it is. M .308 can travel to many yards. There is a lot of discrepancy between what you see and what you shoot. … Read more

How Heavy Are Binoculars

how heavy are binoculars

When you are considering embarking on an outdoor adventure, the first thing to do is to ensure you get the right tools for the experience. Among other things, investing a-in a good binoculars shouldn’t be optional. However, the process of getting the right binoculars that will not stress you along the way and meet all … Read more