What Do The Numbers On Binoculars Mean?

When buying binoculars, the main objective is to find clarity in your outdoor experiences. But, the process of choosing the best binoculars for your adventure is quite daunting. Binoculars have a couple of features that all play a significant role in getting the right device. Therefore, you will require to look at specific features to ensure you make the right decision. 

Among other features, you need to know is that numbers are quite critical. Although all binoculars provide clarity and enhance visibility, the different numbers play a major role. Therefore, while choosing, it is essential to understand what the numbers mean. This can be applied when learning how to choose binoculars for birding.

On this blog, there will be discussions on specific numbers and how to choose one that will work best for you. Some numbers show the lens size, magnification power, or field range. Therefore understand the numbers will make great significance in your investment.

What Does 20×50 Mean On Binoculars?

When people see numbers on binoculars, the first thing that comes in mind is the field of view. However, when your binoculars are written 20×50, then the numbers go beyond the field of view to clarity. The 20, in this case, shows the magnification power, and the 50 indicates the objective lens diameter in millimeters.

In other words, if your binoculars are labeled 20×50, it shows the size of your binoculars. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your binocular has relevant power to function at a specific capacity. The objective lens collects light for easy visibility and allows you to spot your target.

Therefore, the light transmission makes it easy for you to view your image with clarity for precise viewing. The size on the objective lens also guarantees that your binoculars can effectively view your objects.

Additionally, the magnification power allows you to zoom in and out on your target. This makes it easy for you to tell the difference between different targets. It also enhances your ability to make judgments on specific parts of your visibility. For instance, if you are watching a game, a higher magnification power guarantees that you can effectively know what you are viewing.

Therefore, when you have a binocular with 20×50 numbers, you are guaranteed that you will have 20 times magnification power. In other words, you can amplify the size of your target up to 20 times normal size. While the objective lens of 50 means that your light transmission will be enhanced for up to 50 times normal transmission.

10×42 Binoculars What Does That Mean?

Having binoculars with 10×42 means your image will appear to be ten times larger compared to viewing through naked eyes. For instance, if you are viewing at an object placed 40 yards without using binoculars, you will see the image to be 40 yards away. However, looking at the same image through the lens brings the image closer up to 10 times.

Therefore, you will have more clarity on the image through the lens than you would while viewing via naked eyes. On the other hand, the 42 number indicated the size of the objective lens in millimeters. The objective lens is responsible for transmitting light to ensure your image is visible. It also plays a significant role in determining the binocular’s weight.

A binocular with a 10×42 number, therefore, gives the user the magnification power of at least ten times and has an objective lens of 42 millimeters. This, in other words, gives you an overview of what to expect from the binoculars in terms of performance.

What Does 10×50 Mean In Binoculars?

The first number in the description means the magnification power. This, in other words, when you view through the lens with 10x, your image will appear at least 10x bigger than when you see through naked eyes. Therefore, the magnification of the lens will give you an ability to see the objects you are viewing in a clearer and detailed form for better performance.

The second number, on the other hand, gives specifications on the size of the objective lens in millimeters. This is to say, 50, in this case, indicates that the .objective lens measures 50 millimeters in diameter.

Therefore, when you buy such binoculars, you are guaranteed that you will have sufficient light transmission and high magnification power. This also indicates that you get clear and bright images at all times. Therefore, when you have these binoculars on your hands, your viewing will be precise and detailed.

With 10×50 binoculars when viewing objects, you expect to see your images in a brighter and clear perspective regardless of the time. In other words, when there is sufficient transmission of light, your images are sharper. Therefore, it makes a great addition to any outdoor adventure. The lens also ensures that you can comfortably view anything and effectively tell the difference of what you see regardless of the distance between.

What Does 30×60 Binoculars Mean?

If your binoculars are labeled 30×60, understanding the numbers should be your first priority. 60, in this case, is for the objective lens, which is essential for gathering lights. The number is measured in millimeters showing the diameter of the lens.

On the other hand, 30x is the magnification power. Therefore, your binoculars can magnify the image size up to 30 times the normal size. This indicates that you can comfortably use the binoculars for enhanced performances as watching birds or astronomy.

With such magnification power, the distance or range of view does not limit you from getting quality images whenever you use the binoculars. The lens size of 60 ensures sufficient light transmission to enhance image brightness and clarity.

When you have such binoculars, your observation will automatically improve and give you clarity for any outdoor adventure. It makes every outdoor mission exceptional, and your experience becomes quite incredible.

The binoculars also guarantee that you can view images from a distance and tell the difference. Additionally, if you use such binoculars for world life viewing, spotting animals from a distance becomes easy. It also gives you a wide field of viewing hence ensuring that you can notice when the animal moves without shifting your angle of viewing.

What Makes the Numbers Important?

With all the details on what different numbers mean on binoculars, the difference is quite clear in different binoculars. However, there is still much more to look into about the numbers to understand the binoculars. The high the first number, the more magnification power you have in your hands.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting binocular that will allow you to view objects from a distance and still provide the same quality, magnification should be your priority. However, when you are looking for image sharpness, clarity, and brightness, then a binocular with a bigger objective lens is convenient.

However, it is not always a guarantee that the binocular with a large magnification power will outperform the others. Therefore, there is still much to put into consideration while buying rather than focusing on the magnification power and lens size.

What Makes Binoculars With The Same Features Have Different Price Tags?

Different binoculars of the same specifications can vary in price with hundreds of dollars. There is much more to binoculars over the general specifications. What counts when it comes to pricing differs from one brand to the other. The durability of the product and functionality in different weather conditions are among the key factors that determine the price.

Therefore, if you see binoculars with similar features but have different prices, apart from looking and the brand reputation, the difference could be in durability. Also, the lens design and adjustability are factors to consider when evaluating the price in products.

Which Is the Best

When choosing binoculars, looking at different numbers is quite essential. However, the best binoculars to buy will solidly depend on your usage. If you intend to buy a binocular to watch birds, the magnification power should be bigger than when you are buying for hiking or game viewing.

Therefore, the main indicator that should direct your purchase should be the purpose. Additionally, if your viewing field is not as clear, a binocular with little magnification is ideal as it allows you to see through limitations effectively.

Whether you buy the 10×42 or 10×50, it is your expectations that will matter. Since the two binoculars have the same magnification power, you are guaranteed of the same image size. However, if you expect to get a clear, price, and more elaborate images, then you will require to choose one with high light transmission capacity.


Binoculars go beyond what you see and what is featured inside matters a lot in its performance. Therefore if you are considering getting one, ensure you understand various specifications to avoid making wrong decisions. Additionally, you also have to ensure that you understand your viewing field.

You also shouldn’t confuse the numbers with that of range of viewing. If you want a binocular that will provide you with exceptional performance at a higher range, this should be written in yards. Therefore, any number that has yards at the end should be your interest.

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