Best Spotting Scope Under $300

You can get any best spotting scope under $300 in the market today that will give quality images.

Spotting scopes allow you to see images that are far. They are perfect for hunters, bird watchers, site seers, and anyone who needs to view objects that are at a far distance.

However, in some cases, you need a professional spotting scope without necessarily spending so much money.

This means that you need to look for some special features that will ensure that the gadget you buy has the functionality you need.

In this review, you will learn the features that make spotting scopes so special and in-depth reviews of some of the best spotting scopes under $300 in the market today.


ProductMagnificationUnique FeatureImageCheck Price
Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope20-60 X 80 Good for digscoping[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope18-48xGood clarity for the pricw[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope – 20 to 60x80mm Zoom Eyepiece20-60x80mmLightweight[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
BARSKA 25-125x88 Spotting Scope 25-125x88mmHas adjustable lenses[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
Redfield Rampage 20-60x80mm Angled Spotting Scope20-60x8mmLightweight[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]

Top five best spotting scope under $300

1.Gosky 20-60 X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope

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If you need that spotting scope that has the widest range of activity is this. Gosky spotting scope is known to perform in all weather conditions. This is because of the make in it. Being waterproof as well as fog proof makes it easy to use.

It also gives better and clearer images because of the good objective lens, The scope has good and quality images that are really crisp and the quality that one needs.

The zoom properties also enable one to get the best view in sceneries, birdwatching as well wildlife watching.

The other unique feature is that it comes with a digiscoping adapter.

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  • Good for birdwatching
  • Wildlife viewing
  • High clarity
  • Good for digiscoping
  • Waterproof and fogproof

[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#da3d32″]


Does not focus to infinity

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2. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope

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This is a type of a Porro prism binoculars from Bushnell. It has the ability to focus about 25 feet. This is with the added advantage of having a magnification of 18to 48x . This means that one can adjust to get the best view for that prey.

For the price this is a very good spotting scope under $300 also because of the image clarity.

The clarity is enhanced by the fact that it has multicoated lenses as well as the Porro prisms that are able to help in the transmission of light and therefore clarity is enhanced.

The binoculars is also water proof. That means that one can comfortably use it in rainy conditions without any worries. The package also comes with a compact tripod with a window mount.

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  • Has multicoated lenses
  • Waterproof
  • Has a Porro prism

[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#da3d32″]


  • The tripod is abit short

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3. Celestron 52250 80mm Spotting Scope

[amazon box=”B0002CTZ70″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” button_detail=””]

$300 might seem little, however, if you have a limited budget, then this is a lot of money and should not go to waste under any circumstances.

Therefore, when shopping around for a spotting scope that will fit your $300 budget, then don’t commit to anything before taking a look at Celestron ultima 52250 80mm.

This scope is specifically designed to enhance your hunting skills.

The first feature that you will notice on this scope is that it has fully multi-coated optics. This guarantees that you will get quality images with a lot of lighting.

Unlike its competitors on the market, the scope guarantees to provide you with at least 50 percent brighter images making it possible to aim your target while hunting.

It also has a waterproof design that allows you the flexibility of using the scope in any conditions. In other words, you will still feel comfortable leaving the house while it is raining and flash out your scope for added vision.

The design ensures that the interior elements of the scope remain active and will not be exposed to damages due to water contact. Additionally, it has a fog-proof design that also eliminates the possibilities of fog formation that may minimize your vision.

Its housing is made of rubber armor, for perfect grip and longevity. Therefore, when you invest your money in this gadget, be ready to enjoy a lifetime service even if you only paid less.

The celestron ultima 80 scope uses the best lens focusing system giving you extra lighting for clear and brighter images. It also ensures you have a wide field objection for more comfortable viewing.

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  • Waterproof design
  • Large objective lens
  • Rubber armored body for durability and perfect grip
  • Lightweight construction for portability

[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#da3d32″]


  • Doesn’t come with tripod hence making it a little complex to use while aiming your target

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4. Redfield 114651Rampage 20-60x80mm Angled Spotting Scope

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This is another one that falls under the best spotting scope under $300 category.

It might not be the most compact hunting scope on the market, but it has what it takes to keep your outdoor adventure on another level.

It is designed for greatness and its objective lens guarantees to beat all the distance limitations to give you clear and bright images.

Redfield rampage has a variable power range from 20-60, which guarantees you that it will get you through any challenges.

With this power range, nothing will bypass your vision even when you are not concentrating.

Additionally, it has a big objective lens of 80mm for additional light and brighter images. Therefore, when you combine power and objective lens, you are sure that even with a wide range of approximately 600+ yards, your image quality will remain the same.

As if that is not enough in a gadget under $300, it has a fully-coated optics for optical clarity. This not only makes this gadget the best glass on the market but also assures you of performance.

The body is fully rubberized armor, which guarantees that it will withstand all the daily wear and tear. It has a water and fog proof design giving you the confidence of using the scope under any weather setting for advanced performances.

If you have a tight budget, you don’t have to stress yourself investing in gadgets that will not last long. Instead, get your hands on such a device and take your outdoor expectations to the next level.

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      • Rubber armor body construction
      • Multi-coated optics
      • Water and fog proof design
      • Wide field observation range
      • Durable construction


[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#da3d32″]


  • Many may not like the rubber in it

[/su_list][/su_column] [/su_row]




5. BARSKA 25-125×88 Spotting Scope

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Another interesting scope that fits your budget but has a great impact is this Barska 25-125×88. These numbers on the name are very significant and they guarantee you unmatched performance.

Although it comes at position four on our list, it is still the number one scope that most outdoor enthusiasts are recommending.

The manufactures provide you with a product that meets and exceeds your expectations for a scope under that budget. This is why it is considered one of the best spotting scope under $300.

While other scopes are working with an objective lens of 60-80mm, this comes with 88mm. In other words, it will gather more light from every angle to ensure you have a brighter and clear vision even when there are light limitations.

It also features rubber armor body construction for a comfortable grip and extra protection.

The body ensures that the scope is safe and will last longer hence giving you value for the money. Additionally, this rubber is shock-resistant assuring you you will be safe while using it under rainy conditions.

It has a dynamic lens focusing system, which allows you to zoom your objects for a clearer vision. This system ensures that you maintain the quality of the image you are viewing.

Additionally, the system makes it possible to see objects at a distance and learn important details that you may not see clearly without zooming.

To make it even better, it comes with a carrying case for easy transportation and storage. It also has a tripod table that allows you to mount the scope on your car for better viewing.

It also comes with a soft carrying case for portability and easy storage. And the manufacturers cover it with a lifetime warranty for customer satisfaction.

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  • Carrying case inclusive for easy storage and transportation
  • Tripod table
  • Rubber armor construction material
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant design
  • The dynamic lens focusing system

[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#da3d32″]


  • The carrying case is slightly big and will limit your moving flexibility

[/su_list][/su_column] [/su_row]



6.Lеuроld ЅХ-1 Vеntаnа 2 15-45Х60

When working on a budget, it feels good to know that there are brands that care about your needs. Leopold SX-1 Ventana is one of those brands.

With only under $300, you will not only enjoy hunting but also get your hands on a great tool with awesome features. It is ranked top on the best spotting scope under #300 due to its excellent features.

The first thing that will surprise you when you buy Ventana, is that it has a great life warranty cover that is beyond its worth.

In other words, Ventana will guarantee you the freedom of usage under whichever circumstances. With a great warranty cover, you are also sure that your investment will not go to waste. Additionally, the cover assures you that this spotting scope is not faulty and will work perfectly to exceed your expectations.

It features a guard-ion lens coating that protects your lenses from fingerprints, water, and dirt for clear crisp images.

Therefore, your lens will be protected from anything that may prevent your viewing or block clear images. Additionally, the waterproof design makes this gadget suitable for use even to places with heavy rains and still maintain visual quality.

The scope is also nitrogen purged making it fog proof.

It’s also designed using a twilight light management system for additional lighting.

The system guarantees up to 10 minutes extra of glassing light. Therefore, even when you change your hunting spot, you are still sure to use the same lighting for the initial spot.

However, the only visible downside of this spotting scope is that it will deliver beyond your expectations. The fully coated optics will perform beyond your optical expectations and you don’t have to pay more.

It also has an amazing design that enhances its quality and longevity. It’s also a freehand tool that is extremely easy to use.

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  • Easy to operate
  • High-quality construction style
  • Super warranty cover
  • 100% waterproof design

[/su_list][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#da3d32″]


  • Does not come with a carrying bag

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Reasons for buying a spotting scope

Of course, there is always the option of getting yourself a pair of binoculars. One great thing about binoculars is that they are familiar with it. Most people have used them for ages.

However, if you are looking for capability and longevity, spotting scopes are what you need to be looking for.

1. Zoom power

Technically speaking, binoculars can be described as two mini telescopes. That said, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to have them in the same power range.

To get the perfect image, synchronization is required. If you expect them to be at the same magnification level, they can’t.

The main advantage you will gain from a spotting scope is that it is a monocular-powered object. You will therefore never have to face this issue. This gives you a great zoom advantage.

2. Long-distance glassing

If you are serious about your activities outdoors, then you have already realized that your binocular does not do you any justice.

Most of the time, where the power of your binoculars dies off, that is where the spotting scope takes over. Typically, they begin at 15X.

If you get a great pair, it can go up to 100X. If you are a hunter, this means that while you will be able to see a herd from two miles away using your binoculars, spotting scopes will allow you to tell where they are elks or deers. You can also count them if you want.

Other than that, the spotting scope will allow you to pick out the one you want to kill and take home. You will also see any predator sneaking up on them and even see all the possible escape routes they may take.

You will easily tell from a hundred yards away whether you have hit the jackpot and need to move closer or if you need to find another herd.

3. When can you approach it?

The truth is that birding and hunting are not what people make them be. Wildlife doesn’t just sit there and wait for you to approach.

If they did, hunting wouldn’t be as fun.

Instead, you have to deal with the fact that hogs will hear you approaching 70 yards away, and deer will run in seconds once they are spooked. Before you even have the chance, you will have lost your kill.

At first, of course, the magnification will fool you into believing that you can take the shot. However, you need to ensure that your rifle and caliber do not embarrass your spotting scope.

You need to be ethical and effective when it comes to long-distance hunting. You can also keep yourself from danger by keeping away from areas where there are dangerous animals or traps.

4. You no longer have to walk to your target

When hunting, nothing is more frustrating, awkward, boring, tedious, and inefficient as the type of spotting scope where you have to walk to your target.

Where you are trying to confirm a hit, most of the zooming equipment will not be as precise from 200 yards away.

Most of the time, all your rounds will be popped off before you can hit anything. If you have a great rifle, walking to your target can be such a waste. If you are bird-watching, you can have an excellent view right from one point.

This allows you to have more comfort and precision.

You will enjoy bird watching from your balcony and still have a better view than people who are running around. If you are a photographer, imagine all the great pictures you could be taken from just one point.

5. Portability

While your telescope has magnificent zoom capabilities, it is probably too big and too heavy to carry with you to your hunting range.

Spotting scopes today are only getting lighter and easier to carry when you are out hunting. It can easily be mounted onto your shoulders.

If you want to offer it protection from weather elements, you can easily carry it in a backpack. If you have the time to set up and know where your game is coming from and going, you may also use the tripod and set up yourself nicely as you wait.

6. Compact

Its compactness is as a result of its portability. There are great brands on the market today that are producing lightweight and small spotting scopes. Some are just as small and compact as binoculars but with excellent magnification.

You may have worried about weight, mobility, and portability. Spotting scopes can also be used freehand.

If you are a hunter who is constantly on the go, spotters will save you the disappointments and allow you to get more kills in a shorter amount of time.

7. You can see in low light

Spotting scopes come with larger objective lenses. This gives you the ability to collect as much light as possible when spotting.

If you are a hunter, then you have tried to close in on prey when they are moving from their sleeping to feeding areas. Most of the prey feed at night. High-performance light transmittance is required to get the type of animal you are looking for. This is made possible by adjusting eye relief of a scope.

Features To Consider When Buying a Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes are crucial tools that any hunter should consider to add in their hunting items. However, the market is flooded with all sorts of spotting scopes, and finding the right one for you could be a challenge.

Therefore, having a guide that will direct you towards making the right choice can be profitable.

A good spotting scope goes beyond giving you good image quality and a reliable price range. Here are some key features to consider when looking for a good spotting scope.


Magnification is one of the most powerful features to look for in a spotting scope. It comes in many forms, from as low as 12x to as high as 60x depending on your expectations. Therefore, before making your purchase, it is essential to evaluate your options and only settle for what is right.

Also, it is critical to invest in a spotting scope that gives you variable magnification rather than fixed on magnification. For instance, if you get a spotting scope with fixed high magnification, the light beam’s size reaching your eye will decrease.

This will, in return, affect the performance of the scope in low light. Also, increased magnification affects the image quality, especially if you do not use it on a standard tripod.

If you are looking for the best scope with the right magnification, then one with a variable range will serve you right.


The eyepiece of the scope has a high impact on how the device performs. The finish style of the eyepiece will determine the comfortability of the scope. There are two types of eyepiece angled spotting scope and straight, and getting the best will strictly depend on what you are looking for.

If you expect to use the scope at a seated position and angles, eyepiece would be recommendable for a long duration.

However, if all you want is better target acquisition or a pick and use scope, a straight eyepiece is convenient. They are also easy to pack and will not take over a large space.

There are also scopes with removable eyepieces making it possible for you to change the magnification range. However, such spotting scopes can be tricky as they compromise waterproofing.

Objective Lens

The objective lens is the far end glass of the scope. Its diameter in millimeters measures it. The objective lens is what determines the amount of light that will enter for a crisp image.

The objective lens on a scope is the second number after the ‘x’ symbol. For instance, if your scope is written 10×80, 10x is magnification, while 80 is your objective lens size. Therefore your device has an 80mm objective lens.

For better performance, even in low light conditions, it is recommendable to choose one with multi coated optics.


If you are using for bird watching scope, you will require to remain on a single spot for an extended duration. This is to ensure that you follow on your target with minimal movements. Therefore, getting a scope that can hold on a tripod right is quite effective.

A standard tripod allows you to hold the scope steady for a longer period; hence guarantee image quality is not compromised. Additionally, while choosing a tripod, ensure to find one that is comfortable for your uses.


Spotting scopes have prism glasses and lens that are treated with a special, high-quality coating that enhances light transmission. This allows you to see much more clearly.

You also get to see bigger and brighter images. This is something most optics are unable to manage especially where there is low light. Where your binoculars end, your spotting scopes are only beginning. In this review, you understand what you need to look for. Following this review will help you in getting the best spotting scope under $300.

Talking of spotting scopes under 300 dollars is quite broad, therefore, if you would wish to know more, leave a comment with your name email on the section below.

You can also share with us any information that you would want to be included and we will update it in our next blog. All the products in this blog rights reserved by the manufactures.

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