Why Do I Get Double Vision With Binoculars And How To Fix It?

Double vision binoculars

Binoculars are convenient for any outdoor adventure. They enhance your vision and make it possible for you to spot your target without hustle. If you are a hunter, binoculars help you make an accurate projection on your target.

Therefore, it ensures you can conveniently release your bullet and capture your prey. However, there are times when the functionality of your binoculars might not be accurate hence limit your chances of experiencing excellence.

At times, you would see double images whenever you look through the lenses. This is not good, especially when hunting as it presents you with inaccurate information hence limit your chances of getting the target.

In this blog, we’ll discuss specific issues that cause double imaging and appropriate ways to solve the problem. This way, it will be easy for you to get the most from your old or new pair of binoculars for enhanced performances.  

Why Does Double Vision Occur?

Double vision occurs when the lenses are out of collimation. Collimation is a term used to indicate the direct entrance of light in both lenses of binoculars. When the light path in the binoculars gets blocked or distorted, it causes the binoculars to register different images on both sides.

Therefore, when you take your optics to action, the performance becomes significantly underrated. If you are out on a hunting adventure, then it limits your ability to spot your target accurately. In return, double imaging limits you from experiencing excellence in any outdoor adventure.

When you have double vision, at times, it becomes impossible for you to also distinguish between objects. The double vision makes it impossible for you to tell what you are watching, especially if the object is moving.

What Causes Double Imaging On Binoculars?


Mishandling your binoculars could be the greatest reason why you have double vision. This can be done in numerous shapes, including how you carry and store the binoculars to how you use it and the terrains of your usage.

For instance, if you are hiking and your optics keep slipping off your hands and falling, there are higher chances that it will get loose. In return, the alignment of passing light will automatically be distorted hence developing double vision.

Additionally, when you binoculars develop an issue, the way you repair it matters a lot. Putting your creative skills in repairing your binoculars isn’t bad. However, when you are not sure of what you are doing, it could lead to double vision.

Poor Adjustments

For you to get the best from your binoculars, you have to ensure that it is adjusted appropriately. Both lenses require to be adjusted to zoom on the same item at the same time for better focus.

Additionally, when you adjust the binoculars prisms, it ensures that you will enjoy your adventure with accurate target observation. However, when you adjust the prism poorly, the results will not be as friendly. Poor alignment indicates that both lenses will not have the same image magnification.

In return, this will give you double imaging or worse inaccuracy. Therefore, when you use the binoculars to view, you will not be certain that the image you see is located at the exact distance you see it. Therefore it will impair your ability to make an accurate judgment on the things you see.

How To Prevent Double Vision

Before you even think of fixing double vision on your binoculars, avoiding the problem before it occurs is the most appropriate way. There is numerous way on how you can prevent the problem and keep your binoculars secure for enhanced performance.

Take Care Of The Binoculars

The simple things you do matter a lot to the performance of your binoculars. To avoid de-collimation, you don’t have to go extra for your optics to be secure. Instead, ensure you keep it safe by avoiding mishandling of all nature.

If your binoculars are not designed as waterproof, avoid taking it to rainy conditions. You shouldn’t expect it to thrive in harsh conditions while the manufacturers didn’t design it for such adventures. Your binoculars are as good as you are taking care of it. The way you protect it from possible damage, the better it performs and, more importantly, saves you from buying a new pair.

Avoid Feeding Your Curiosity

It is easy to be tempted to know how the binoculars look in the inside. However, as much as this feeling will come, keep reminding yourself you are not a pro mechanic. The much you are allowed to go is only perform deep cleaning, adjust the strap, and rotate the focus knob.

However, unless you know what you are doing, you should never consider disassembling your binoculars at all costs. Some parts are quite delicate and can easily be affected if you play with them. The prism and lenses of binoculars are nearly impossible to place in their original position once they are removed.

Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with issues of double vision or no vision, avoid operating the binoculars. The alignment process is tricky and messy, and for your good, ensure not to consider experimenting.

How To Fix The Problem

If you are too late and you are reading this while the problem has already occurred, you also don’t have to panic. This blog will guide you with simple steps on how to fix double vision and recover your binoculars.

In fixing the problem, it is essential to note that the problem occurs as a result of two main issues—one the insides of the binoculars prism and in the lenses. Therefore, the process of fixing will require precision, as you will be handling the most delicate parts of the device.

Gather The Essentials

Before getting busy fixing, ensure to gather necessary items that will help you in aligning the device. Some of the essential include:

  • The binoculars
  • Scale for measuring
  • Black market
  • Tape
  • Penknife (with an extremely sharp pointed tip)
  • Cardboard, and
  • Screwdrivers

Start Fixing

Using the cardboard, marker, and scale, draw a simple sing on the cardboard with at least 12-inches difference on both lines. Mark all inches on a straight line to ensure they are perfect. Hang the cardboard on anything you find stable and place it at a considerable distance.

Now using your binoculars, check through the lenses to see which of the two is worse off to start with it in fixing. At times, you may get double vision simply because one of the lenses is not aligned, while other times it could be a problem on both.

Therefore, once you determine which one has the most issues, its time to start working on the device, unscrew it to access the lenses, and thoroughly clean using a soft material to avoid scratching it, then dry-wipe it evenly.

Return the lenses in their position and start screwing it back. However, as you return it, you don’t have to be in a rush. Take your time and keep focusing on your sign as you tighten the screws. This way, it will be easy to avoid repeating the entire process once you have completed the process.

Final Words

After the dissembling and re-assembling of your binocular, you can comfortably take it to a test and see how best you have performed. If you are unsure of how to effectively perform this duty while at home, it is always good to seek professional assistance. Therefore, get to find people who can do this within your area and get your binoculars double vision issue fixed professionally.

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