Where Are Vortex Binoculars Made?

Vortex binoculars are made by US-based manufacture called the vortex optics. The manufacturing company makes products that are used for bird watching, wildlife watching, hunting and any other recreational activity. T

he products that are from the vortex optics include monocular, red dots range finders, spotting scope, rifle scope and binoculars. Some of these products are used even by the law enforcement agencies such as the border control, drug enforcement agencies and the state police officers.

Wild Birds Unlimited

Vortex optics started in the year 1986 where its operations were in the Middleton, Wisconsin. It began as a retail store known as “Wild Birds Unlimited” where the optic products were sold together with the bird feed. Americans founded the manufacturing company by the names Daniel Hamilton and Margie Hamilton.

The two are still the manufacturers with the help of the family members up to date. Their main aim in manufacturing the vortex products was to ensure personalized services and customer satisfaction.

The initial operations from the company were to ell binoculars to be used for bird watching. The vortex binoculars at the time were less sophisticated compared to how they are today.

Before, the binoculars did not have a glass coating and had cheap construction. For the premium models, you would find heavy vortex binoculars, had waterproof capabilities and featured short eye relief.

How Vortex Optics was established

As the two founders continued with their business in America with constant communication with other manufactures, the two found the need to manufacture the vortex optics in large quantities.

The optics was sold to other businesses as a way of business expansion and growth. Daniel and Margie later opened a new manufacturing company called the Eagle Optics. The business was mainly for producing and selling binoculars that were made in different countries under the Eagle Optics Brand.

There were specific stores; Wild Birds unlimited, where the binoculars customers came to purchase their binoculars in the United States. Part of the Eagle Optics advised overseas manufacturers on the best features that attracted customers to buying the binoculars.

They became very successful in the business, and they were able to lay a foundation of establishing their own business. Margie and Daniel finally created their company named Vortex Optics in the year 2002.

Vortex Optics business transition

When Daniel and Margie established their business, their main focus was to manufacture binoculars. Over the years, they later transitioned to other optic products such as the spotting scope, range finders and rifle scopes. Starting their operations one year ago, the company became one of the best binoculars manufacturers in the world.

They usually manufacture high-quality products that have a life-time warranty. The warranty is one of the features that attract many people to buying the binoculars. The reason being, most optic products are delicate and damage when exposed to unwanted conditions.

Vortex Binoculars Production Facilities.

Unites States Operations

Vortex optics headquarters are still located in the Wisconsin state in the USA. The employees at the headquarters oversee the operations, design and marketing of the same products in other areas. In Wisconsin, the business was located in Madison until 2018 when it was transferred to Barneveld, a village in Lowa County.

The transfer was due to the expansion of the operations to producing other products. There are different locations where binoculars are manufactured. They are China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Korea. In these locations, Daniel, the founder and his son, were in control of all the operation involving the vortex binoculars manufacturing.


In Japan, many vendors are involved in the business of manufacturing the component for the vortex optics. Some of the major products from japan are Vortex Golden Eagle HD, razor HD LH among others. The vendors also manufacture glass internals and lenses for the binoculars and rifle scope. All these products made from japan are of high quality and have a long life warrant.


There are various companies that manufacture optic products due to hen availability of cheap labor. The products produced here are for US-bases vortex. The products made here are rifle scopes such as vortex viper, viper HS, viper HST viper HS LR among others.


Chine is on the rise in manufacturing vortex based products. Currently, most of the vortex products are produced in Chinese industries. Japanese experts oversee the manufacturing companies to ensure quality products are made at all times. The current products that are produced in the Chinese factories are Strike eagle, diamondback scopes, crossfire and crossfire II, diamondback riflescope and vortex copper head.

Series of Origin 

The following are the vortex products offered by the vortex optics

Vortex Razor UHD Binoculars

They are among the top best categories produced by the vortex optics. The binoculars have high definition images with high-quality optics.

They feature an improved light transmission, a feature that is rare in other types. These binoculars are manufactured and assembled in Japan. They are among the most expensive binoculars and come in different configurations.

Vortex Kaibab HD Binoculars

These series of binoculars are manufactured and assembled in China. They have exceptional magnification power that present large-sized objects. They are best used in long-range viewing. Kaibab binoculars are mainly used by law enforcement and large game hunters. They only have a single magnification of 18*56 configurations.

Vortex Fury HD Binoculars

They are range-finding binoculars manufactured by the vortex optics. They are best used for long-distance viewing due to their unique design. They feature glass internals that is of high class. They have an embedded inclinometer which provides an efficient reading as well as efficient angles. The Fury binoculars are manufactured in China an come in one configuration; 10*42.

Vortex Viper HD binoculars

These binoculars have a premium viewing experience where the glass lenses have low dispersion. The coating is anti-reflective, generating bright images as well as a wide field of view.

The feature makes the viper binoculars popular among many. These binoculars are manufactured in the Philippines. Viper binoculars come in four configurations; 12*50, 10*42, 8*42 and 10*50

Vortex Diamond HD Binoculars

They are the best choice if you are looking for pocket-friendly binoculars. They have a good value for money and have some features that will make you choose them.

These features are individual diopter settings; they are waterproof and twisting eyecups. They are produced in China and come in different configurations.

Vortex Crossfire HD

They are among the most affordable binoculars manufactured by the vortex optics company. They offer basic viewing that is combined with a central focus. They feature twisting eyecups and diopter mechanism. They are manufactured in China and come in four configurations; 10*50, 12*50, 8*42 and 10*42

Vortex Raptor Binoculars

These binoculars have a Porro-prism feature that comes in an affordable package. The binoculars are protected in a way that they do not scratch easily and are resistant to abrasion. Raptor binoculars are made in China and come in two configurations;10*32 and 8.5*32.

Vortex Vanquish Binoculars

They are the smallest types of binoculars from the vortex optics company. They have an objective size of 26mm. They weigh less than a pound and designed in a way that they are portable anywhere. They have a gorgeous field of view and rubber amour.

These binoculars are of two series where both models are made in china. The configurations for these binoculars are 10*26 and 8*26.

Vortex Hurricane

These series of binoculars are best for use in marine operations. They are fully coated, have extreme brightness and resolution.

They are designed to offer great protection to ensure extended services. They feature water-resistant; they repel moisture and water so you don’t have to try and get it out and are resistant to scratches.

The binoculars can withstand harsh weather conditions like hurricane, snow and rain.

Vortex Talon HD 

These series comes in four models and are ideal for bird watchers and hunters. They have an HD glass, a durable plasma and coating. The coating is anti-reflective and is resistant to scratches. They are lightweight hence can be moved from one place to the other. They are comfortable to handle due to their open-bridge design

Vortex Vulture HD Binoculars

They are the best model for use during the night. They come in three models and are among the durable binoculars in the market. They have 56mm lenses that usually draw plenty of light.

They produce bright images even when there are challenges with lighting. The binoculars have a feature that protects them from harsh weather conditions.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Vortex Binoculars

For those who love bird watching among other activities, there are some factors you should consider before buying a pair of binoculars. They are;

The price of the binoculars – Vortex binoculars are of different prices depending on the resolution and the model. Depending on your financial status, you should purchase a pair that meets your financial need.

However, you should be couscous on the quality that you are purchasing. You may decide to buy a cheap pair of binoculars and end up replacing it after a short time of the device.

The magnification – depending on the use of the binoculars, you have a choice on magnification. You may choose a different series of binoculars with a standard configuration or with various configurations. Magnification brings the difference in the brightness and size of the object to be viewed.

The warranty of the vortex binoculars – You do not want to purchase binoculars that will fail after some time. Vortex binoculars have different warrants.

There are those with a warranty for years while others have life-time warranty depending on how careful you are in handling the product. You should ensure that you purchase a product that will give you service for an extended period.


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