Pulsar brands review

Pulsar Thermal Rifle Scope Brands Review

If you think that hunting at the night could be fun, you are right. Pulsar scopes are the ultimate night hunter companion as they make it easier for you to detect game. Pulsar is one of the leading companies when it comes to the production of night vision and thermal riflescopes. This article will look at the pulsar thermal rifle scope brands review

The company has a competitive range of night technology options that you may want to consider. Whether you are looking for a digital night vision scope or a thermal clip, you will find much more than you thought.

The company is renowned for the superior quality optics it produces. You are certain that you will find one that suits your application and your budget.

About Pulsar

Pulsar is one of the younger companies that have entered the thermal scope industry and taken over. It has proven itself as one of the best companies to buy effective and affordable thermal scopes.

The company is progressive and aims at providing military-grade scopes for the civilian market. They have built a fiercely loyal and solid customer relationship and thus its fast progress. They have therefore made it to the bestselling rank for the best thermal scope brands. It is also good to know how to use the thermal scope.

Their growth is built on a great balance of reliability, dependability and competitive pricing. From their collection, it is easy for you to find hi-end scopes that will stick to your budget constraints. They also have a wide range of products with different functionalities and technological capacities.

ProductUnique FeatureImageCheck Price
Pulsar ThermionPulsar Thermion XM Thermal RiflescopeHas a long range detection
Pulsar Trail XP38 1.2-9.6x32Can be operated easily
Pulsar Trail XQ Thermal RiflescopeHas a recording system
Pulsar Trail XQ Thermal RiflescopeSupports video recording
Pulsar Apex XD50 2-4x42 Thermal Weapon SightEasy to use
Pulsar Trail LRFUsed for long range hunting

Pulsar Thermal Rifle Scope Brands Review

  1. Pulsar ThermionPulsar Thermion XM Thermal Riflescope 


This is one of the most powerful lenses from XM range. It is designed with a high resolution like other thermal scopes. Therefore, when you are thinking of viewing objects from a distance, then this is the scope for you.

The scope provides you with an impressive 2300m detection range. This guarantees that you can comfortably pick on your target regardless of the distance and still get a quality image. Therefore, your outdoor experience will take a new direction, and you will enjoy every moment of the way.

It gives you up to four times zoom power. With this power, it is evident that you will perfectly make your shots accurately and precise regardless of your target size. Additionally, with such zoom power, the distance between you and the target will not matter either will it detect the quality of your image.

The pulsar thermion XM50 rifle scope is also water and shockproof assuring you that even when hunting in rainy or foggy day, the scope will remain secure. This feature also guarantees that your investment will not go to waste even when the scope is submerged in water.

All the control buttons are perfectly placed for easy operation of the scope. Align the reticle only takes a few minutes as with this thermal imaging device; you will only require one-shot to zero-in on your target. Therefore, you are sure that it will help you save your ammunition and time for better use while hunting.

Additionally, the scope gives you approximately five-hour operating life thanks to its Li-ion battery. It also has a reliable 16GB internal memory where you can store all your pictures and videos while in the field.


  • A high-quality image projection
  • Easy to operate
  • Water and fog proof design
  • Long-range detection


  • Super heavy and highly expensive
  • Narrow field of view



2. Pulsar Trail XP38 1.2-9.6×32


Take your hunting experience to a whole new level with the use of this pulsar trail XP riflescope.it is ideal for hunting as it can detect your target for up to 1475 yards. Therefore, it will ensure that you make accurate and precise shots all the time.

Additionally, the scope captures all your hunting moments to create memories of your adventure. Therefore, as you focus on hunting, the scope will focus on capturing the moments for you. This also ensures that you keep your eyes on the target without considering other issues along the way.

You can also link the scope with your computer or other electronic devices to view the recording made and easy transfer. This helps you save up space on the scope as well as ensure that your videos and images are rightfully stored to avoid over righting.

The scope also uses an uncooled microbolometer, which is complemented with a heat sink. This ensures that its operation is not affected by the heat that is generated from within the scope. Therefore, you are guaranteed that its performance will be exceptional.

Although it has a lower magnification power, using this scope, you will enjoy a wide field of view. However, it provides you with at least 8x zoom and has a digital zoom feature for images. This enhances the image quality as well as makes it possible for you to make perfect shots.

Zeroing in with this scope is simple and will only take a few minutes to align the reticle perfectly. It also helps you save time while zeroing in as it saves up to 15 distances. Therefore, you can take it on an actual hunting adventure and zero in a while on the action.


  • Compatible with stream vision app
  • Better performance even in extreme temperatures
  • Easy to operate


  • Limited magnification power


3. Pulsar Trail XQ Thermal Riflescope

If you are thinking of going for a long-distance hunting adventure, then this scope will come in handy. It has a small objective lens, which makes it super light allowing you to carry it around for long distances comfortably. Additionally, the scope has a unique design that feels convenient while it rests on your back as you move. Therefore, you will not have to worry about excess weight or feeling uncomfortable as you move.

It features uncooled microbolometer assuring you of sparkly clear, precise images all the time. This feature ensures to protect the image form internal heat produced by the scope. Therefore, when the device capture images or videos for the moment, the quality will not be compromised at all cost.

It has high magnification power, which guarantees that your experience outdoor is exceptional. The scope has 8x smooth zoom power to provide you with a professional display on your screen. This guarantees that you can perfectly identify your target as well as access the surrounding environment for better performance.

On the other hand, the scope has extra support features, which helps in enhancing your experiences. It has an in-built stadiametric rangefinder, which helps in estimating your target distance. Additionally, you can use this scope on three different rifles at a time as it can store all the zeroing profiles for each rifle for ease of use. To maximize on your adventures, the scope provides you with at least eight hours of continuous use without the batteries running out.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable battery life
  • Two zeroing methods
  • Super lightweight construction
  • Powerful recording system


  • Images are not as sharp at over 1000 yards range



4. Pulsar Trail XQ Thermal Riflescope

This is all you need for an outdoor experience that is memorable and fun-filled. It has an auto-recording feature that ensures to capture every moment of your hunting adventure. Additionally, the scope connects to your mobile, PC and any other electronic device for easy sharing of your adventure. Therefore, whenever you wish to share your experiences with friends and family, the scope will have you covered.

Additionally, unlike other Pulsar XQ models on the market, this features both long-distance detection and high magnification power. Therefore, when you are hunting, you will not only assume of your target, but rather, you will be sure of what you are aiming before you release the trigger.

The scope also has a picture to picture feature that allows you to magnify the image within the same image. This ensures that the image quality is exceptional at all the time. If you are targeting a crowded location, it has a fluid imaging feature that enhances the image quality at such places.

It has a high storage capacity that makes it possible for you to store up to five distances and three reticle profiles. Therefore, if you use the same scope for different rifles, you are guaranteed that its easy for you to retrieve previous rifle settings. The extra storage helps eliminate the need to keep zeroing in the scope hence prolonging its lifetime.


  • Up to eight hours of continuous use without recharging
  • High magnification and long-distance view
  • Easy to operate
  • Full water and fog proof
  • Supports real-time streaming and video recording


  • Has a narrow field of view



5. Pulsar Apex XD50 2-4×42 Thermal Weapon Sight

This thermal riflescope is designed with excellent features to give you precise and accurate performance for any outdoor adventure. The scope is equipped with the latest technology in the thermal imaging market to give you better experiences.

With this device, you will enjoy one-shot zeroing and freeze function. This guarantees that you will save on ammunition and time hence allowing you to prepare for the outdoor adventure. Additionally, it has high magnification power that enhances your aim and a peripheral display that provides you with a wide field of view,

With this scope at hand, you can choose between manual, semi-automatic, and automatic calibration modes. This helps to calibrate the device lens within a few seconds allowing you to achieve great shots all the time.

The apex XS50 has an advanced digital zoom picture to picture function. This makes it possible for you to magnify the displayed image at the top of your screen hence making it possible for you to get quality shots.

Additionally, the scope has exceptional power that guarantees flawless target recognition for up to 1400 yards moving objects. Therefore, the distance and speed of the object will not prevent you from hunting your target and making a precise and accurate shot. Also, as technology keep advancing, this device features updatable software to ensure that you keep enjoying the apex performance.


  • Easy to use
  • High magnification power
  • Up to 1400 yards flawless recognition on moving objects
  • One-shot zeroing capacity


  • Not convenient for multiple rifle use



6. Pulsar Trail LRF

Experience high performance from a riflescope with up to 2000 yards detection range and high resolution. This will guarantee that you can pick between targets and make an accurate shot. The scope also has a built-in range finder that enhances your ability to spot your target.

It features a digital picture-to-picture zoom, making it possible for you to monitor your target at a close range. Therefore, before you release the trigger, you will have relevant calculations on how your target is moving.

The device has 13 variable electronic reticles making it convenient for you to use the device on more than one rifle. When it comes to zeroing in, this device has a one-shot zeroing process with a freeze function. This guarantees that it will not only save you ammunition but also time.

All the control buttons on this device are perfectly placed to ensure that operating it is easy. Therefore, you don’t have to have any prior operating skills for you to take the device for an adventure. However, with any prior skills in hunting, it is easy for you to enhance your experiences with especially when you are hunting. The scope can function both at night and during the day, and its performance will not be compromised at any moment.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for long-range hunting
  • Built-in rangefinder
  • High magnification power


  • Battery life is quite short for the price



Choosing the right pulsar thermal scope from the list reviewed here will depend on your needs and how much you want to spend. The best thermal scope largely depends on your circumstances and needs. Pulsar, however, provides you with the best scopes that will give you the functionality you desire. Hunting will be fun and exciting when you have reliable gadgets.

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