How To Use The Thermal Scope


how to use  a thermal scopeThermal scopes are quite different from other general hunting scopes. It has a special lens that see-through infrared energy as heat. The lens can detect temperature difference between objects hence making it possible for you to tell the difference between what you view from the other end.

Thermal scopes can also function effectively both at night and during the day. The scope features a unique technology that makes it convenient for all time use. It was initially designed for military use

However, with the advancement of technology, today, having a thermal scope in your hunting kit enhances your chances of hitting your target. If you are thinking of getting the thermal scope but you are unsure of how to use it, then this blog is here for you. We’ll discuss the basics of the scope and how to maximize its uses.

Why Thermal Scope Is Important

Modifying your rifle with a thermal scope is quite advantageous for your hunting experience. The scope allows you to have an illumination of animals that are list visible with regular scopes. It provides you with a closer step towards the mark hence enhancing your probability of hitting the target from any distance.

Additionally, during the dark, it is easy to find yourself trapped within your game, and the animals you thought you were hunting will turn on you. However, that is not the case with a thermal scope on your hand. It ensures to keep you ahead of your adversaries as well as gives you a distinguished distance range where you can effectively make the right decisions.

Unlike traditional optics, the thermal scope can detect the temperature of different targets from a distance. Therefore, even when you are unsure of what you are about to face, you can still make your shot and hit the target perfectly. This helps in improving the hunting tactics and also provides confidence to any group of hunters that there are people to watch over them. The question then is , why do you need a thermal imaging scope?

Now that you have a taste of how the scope operates, here is a detailed review of how to use the scope. And how it works.

How Thermal Scope Works

The thermal scope can be used for three defined purposes:

  • For security and surveillance system: thermal imaging cameras work best with large networks, and it provides seamless integration through complementing CCTV cameras. This, therefore, makes it possible to detect potential threats and work on solutions before it gets too late.
  • Security staff and law enforcement: with this scope at hand, security officers can see any supercilious activities from a distance even through obstacles. This, therefore, allows the officers in charge to make better decisions not only based on imagination but facts on the situation.
  • Predictive maintenance: when operational, if the thermal imaging reveals a Hot Spot, then this indicates there is an issue in operating the device. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to identify where there is a problem hence facilitate easy guidance on how to repair or replace the parts that have a problem.

How to Choose

Of course, the market is saturated, and there is no one perfect thermal scope on the market that can fit all your needs. Therefore, it is essential to identify convenient features that specifically works for you. Before you make the decision, here are some features to look for on any thermal scope.

Sensor Resolution

This is one of the most common features to look for before making the decision on which scope to use. If the image you see is not clear and crisp, then no matter how far you can zoom in or how great the sensors are, the scope may not be effective for its purpose.

Increased screen resolution and higher refresh rate help in improving the quality of the image. This gives you a clearer and crispier image hence making it possible for you to get a perfect shot.

However, there are some thermal scopes with inbuilt software to facilitate smoothing of pixilation that may occur due to high digital zoom levels and slow refresh rate. Therefore, before making your final decision on which thermal scope to bet your money, other than observing the image clarity, ensure you also go for one with appropriate features for the job.

A thermal scope with higher sensor resolution doesn’t always guarantee that you will get a sharper image. Therefore, take your time and ensure you get the right resolution power, and the scope should have quality software too.


Choosing the right magnification power for a thermal scope can be quite a challenge. The more you zoom, the smaller your field of view, and it also reduces the image quality through the lenses.

For thermal scopes, magnification power ranges from 1x to 16x, while there are other scopes with higher magnification. However, when you are choosing magnification, it is critical to put in mind the range you intend to shoot with the scope and the image quality.

For instance, zooming in at 3x for a range of 150 yards will limit your chances of making a great shot while using 1x zoom could make the short better.

Additionally, unlike traditional scopes, the magnification power on thermal scopes could be either optical or digital. Digital zoom, although it is fast, it results in unclear images which may not go well with your skills as a hunter.


Weight is often overlooked when it comes to deciding which thermal scope to go for. However, although it may not affect the quality of the scope directly, it influences its uses systematically. It is convenient to remember that you will carry the scope on your shoulders whenever you are on the field.

Therefore, if you expect to move around whenever you are in the woods hunting, a lighter thermal scope would come in handy. Additionally, when shooting offhand, a lighter scope will guarantee that you still get your target. On the other hand, a heavier thermal scope guarantees durability and reliability on the scope.

To determine the appropriate weight for your thermal scope, you should consider the distance you will cover whenever you are out and how frequent you will be going out.

Additional Features

Learning how to use a thermal scope also involves getting to know other features that the scope has. The more extra features, the better the scope, but the more complex it gets.

However, through understanding each feature and its functionality on the scope, you increase your chances of becoming a better hunter with steady accuracy. If you expect to hunt beyond a 150 yards range, then all these extra features, including laser range finders, recording software, onboard compasses, and GPS units, among others, will be helpful. 

However, if you are only hunting with the 150 yards range and don’t intend to take it to a professional or competitive level, then you shouldn’t consider spending more, especially on features that may never use. Evaluate the features you need and the once you want when deciding on the right thermal scope for your adventure.


How to use your thermal scope will vary depending on your expectations and the quality of the scope. Also, you need to ensure that you only invest in a scope that matches with your rifle for you to get the best performance.

The thermal scope should maximize your ability to hit your target. Therefore, ensure that you mount it right, and it works perfectly with your rifle.  You also need to ensure that your shooting skills also play a significant role, especially when shooting beyond 100 yards range.

Even with the best scope that will provide you with the right clarity, if you don’t have the skills or your firearm cannot shot perfect at a specific range, you shouldn’t expect quality results. Therefore, take your time to master your shooting techniques and only work within your limits for enhanced performance.

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