How To Use A Rangefinder Scope

Are you passionate about shooting games or hunting? Judging the distance between you and your target object can be challenging, especially when using your naked eyes. There is a need to know how to use a rangefinder scope.

There are essential tools that you need to learn how to improve your targeting accuracy and perfect your shooting skill. Among the many shooting tools that you will need to familiarize yourself with is a rangefinder scope. This is not just any other scope that you will find in the market.

Even so, by reading this article and a little practice on how to use it, you will soon be acquainted with using a rangefinder scope.

What Is A Rangefinder Scope?

How To Use A Rangefinder Scope

A rangefinder scope is a tool used to measure the shooter’s distance and the target in shooting. It comes with a special reticle that permits you to regulate your shot for different distances.

It is an important device to have when you are in range shooting or on a hunting trip. On the physical, the outside of a rangefinder is similar to a traditional scope.

The key difference between the rangefinder scope and a traditional scope is on the inside. The special reticle found in a rangefinder scope has markings on the lower line, either in the form of lines or dots; these markings are pointers for shooting various distances.

Each marking on the reticle matches dissimilar distances. This will help to how to mount a red dot sight on a  scope.

Different companies are making rangefinder scopes which makes the tool common. Therefore, you may find some minor variations in the markings, color, and size in the reticle, which can result from the manufacturer’s designs.

How To Use A Rangefinder Scope

Knowing how to set up or adjust a rifle scope will give you accurate shots of your target. However, for a rangefinder to work effectively, you have to position it like a normal scope. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to correctly use a rangefinder scope for accurate shots.

Step#1: Zero In Your Scope

For the range markings on the scope to help you, you need to zero your scope. There are different methods that you can use to zero in your rifle. The common one involves taking sets of three shots at your target, get to know the distance between the bullseye and the shots, and alter your scope. You can redo this procedure until you constantly on target. Alternatively, you can also use a boresight to zero in your rifle scope, and this is a modern method.

how to use a range finder scopeBore sighting requires either a bore or barrel of the rifle and the rifle scope to concentrate on the nearby target. Carefully and slowly change your scope to a point it is in line with the dot or marking from your laser. When adjusting your scope, ensure that the gun is in a stable position: it should not be shaky; otherwise, the alignment may go wrong.

Once you are satisfied with the matching or alignment, take two shots to ascertain that your scope zeroing has been achieved.

Step#2: Analyze The Distance

how to use a rangefinder scope

To calculate the distance between you and your target object, you will have to make a good guess of the object’s height and compare it to the scope’s measurements.

Different scopes have diverse setup measurements. In this case, we will presume that the scope’s measurement is set to that of a chest of a deer. In this setting, the measurement marks signify the regular chest dimensions of a deer as the deer’s chest covers more measurement lines the closer the deer. Normally, a deer around 200 yards away will cover about two and a half lines or markings.

Step#3: Align Your Scope Reticle

Pick your scope and start fixing your reticle on your aim. Start by adjusting the reticle upwards, allowing you to be on the appropriate distance point on the scope. The point at which you zero your scope and your rifle’s type will determine how appropriate your marker will be.

It is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the operating focus knob; this will allow you to be quick in making adjustments when you are out there. If you are capable, start practicing using a rifle scope by using a full-size deer target.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Rangefinder Scope?

The introduction of a rangefinder scope in shooting activities is a great idea. However, these scopes are not flawless.

As you will be familiarizing yourself with this device, you will understand that they have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.


  • Most rangefinder scopes in the market have an easy to see the reticle. They come with thicker lines which differentiates them from other markings on the scope.
  • Rangefinder scopes make it easy to account for distances thanks to the simple dots mechanism.
  • The more you use the rangefinder scope, the easier it becomes for you to use, calculate, and even to get the right spot to target on the scope.
  • Besides the deer chest height as a measurement mode, rangefinder scopes have different measurement methods, including MOA (minute of angle).


  • To effectively use rangefinder scopes, you will need to do many calculations, especially when using the most complex ones.
  • The rangefinder scope is a sensitive device; small changes can affect the range finding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I Sight My Rifle in at 30 Yards, Will I Hit the Target at 100 Yards?

Yes. However, this will depend on how big your target is, your rifle’s caliber, among other factors.

2. What Does MOA Mean in the Context of a Rifle Scope?

It is an abbreviation of Minute Of Angle measurement. This is one of the different types of measurements used in rangefinder scopes.

3. Why Won’t my Rifle Scope Adjust at all When I Move the Sights?

There are some varieties of scopes that come with lockdown screws that you need to loosen first. You should, however, look at the user manual before unloosening them.

4. Is a 30-06 Good for Long-Range Shooting?

Yes. It was qualified for a shooting range of up to 4.75 miles. Read more on the best long-range scopes.

5 . What Does the 3-9×32 on My Rifles Scope Mean?

The objective lens of the scope has a diameter of 32mm with a magnification range that is adjustable from 3 to 9 times the normal one. In other words, the object appears to be three times larger on the lens that you would see with your naked eyes. And the 9 means the object is 9 times closer than when viewed with naked eyes. It is good to know how to read the scope numbers.

6. How Do I Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards?

Sighting in a rifle at 50 yards can be more challenging than when sighting in at 25 yards. However, with an accurate aim, it becomes easier.

You should start by trying out a dedicated zero object with a simple grid format, making it easy for you to get the adjustments. You can also consider using a bull’s eye target. When shooting, avoid using your muscles for support. Instead, get a proper spot; you can use sandbags for support.

Final Thought

Engaging in shooting activities can be challenging and fun at the same time. With the best tools like the rangefinder scope, you will find it easy to aim at your target. However, not everyone is conversant with using a rangefinder scope. With the guide above, you can start practicing how to use a rangefinder scope for the best shooting skills. In case of any difficulties in using your rangefinder scope, always check the user manual that comes with the device.

Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on how to operate it.

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