How to Make a Night Vision Scope for Air Rifle

If you are a vermin or a big animal hunter, then you understand the best time for such hunting is at night. However, during the night your viewing gets impaired and it becomes quite difficult to spot your target. Then, you will require to improve your rifle for easy functioning during the night. It is therefore good to learn how to make a night vision scope for air rifle.

In the past, getting a night vision scope was a challenge especially if you were not a military or law enforcement personnel. Now that today things have eased a little and more regular people are investing in them, them to have one you will have to part with a couple of dollars as they are extremely expensive.

However, if you still have to get out at night and still enjoy using your rifle, the good news is that you can make your night vision scope. This way, it will be easy for you to participate in your adventures through the night and still make successful shoots. This blog will guide you on how to make your night vision scope in an easy and straightforward method.

How to make a night Vision Scope for Air Rifle

What You Will Need

For you to make the night vision scope, there are a few things you will need. This will help you make a competitive night vision scope at an affordable range without breaking the bank. Some of the things you will need include:

  • Digital camera/camcorder. If you can access a camcorder, its much better than the digital camera, the smaller the better. However, if you get a digital camera, it will still work provided it has a night capture capacity. What makes digital cameras reliable is that you can pick one from a local store at an affordable price range.
  • Batteries. Your camcorder or digital camera will require to be powered. Therefore, you will require to get the perfect set of batteries to power the camera. You can also get extra pairs for the flashlight too for efficiency.
  • Infrared flashlight. Ensure to get a good IR LED flashlight with an adjustable beam. It is what pulls the entire project together.
  • Lens adapter. Lens adapter of a filter is what makes the camcorder and scope lenses to fit together. You can choose whichever adapter available provided it will serve the purpose.
  • Tape. The lenses will require to be attached and that’s where the tape comes in. it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Therefore, whichever tape you fond available from duct tape, or the aluminum tape, it will still work.
  • Your scope. Of course, the scope and rifle are the most important tools to have for the task considering you will not be building the night vision independently.
  • Scope ring. Scope ring will facilitate attaching the flashlight on the scope.

Now that you have all the essential tools for the job, it is time to get started. However, you will require to spare a few minutes to ensure that you design the night vision precisely for enhanced performance.

Step one : Attach the Lens Adapter

This is usually the first step of the entire process. Ensure that the lens adapter and the ocular lens on your scope are attached. Fit the lenses perfectly together to a point that they operate as one single unit. Secure them together with a tape of your choice to guarantee that they remain together. This process will take you less than five minutes to align the two lenses.

Step two: Attach the Camcorder

Attach the camcorder with the lens adapter at the back of your scope. Ensure that the lenses align perfectly to allow you to see the objects on the other end of the scope on the camcorder screen. Whatever you have after attaching the camcorder is a camcorder scope. However, you have to ensure that you adjust the magnification efficiently so as the image you get is clear. Through adjusting the magnification, you are also guaranteed that the images you see through the lenses will appear as they are on normal projection without the lenses.

Step three: Attach the Infrared flashlight

The next step is to attach the infrared flashlight on the scope. The purpose of the flashlight is to provide you with a reliable vision path through the dark. Once you have attached the flashlight, ensure to play along with the beam adjustment. This will help you ensure that that flashlight will light your way as you try to pick on particular objects with the lens through the night. However, as you attach the flashlight, it is essential to ensure that it is perfectly aligned with the scope. This way, you are guaranteed that the light will only focus on where you want to see.

Step four : Test the Night Vision Scope

Considering that you have been working while in a confined environment, you cannot be sure that the unit is ready for use without taking it on an actual test. Therefore, once you are satisfied that you have attached every part perfectly and they are secure, its time to test everything and see whether they synchronize their performance. This will definitely be in line with the best night vision scope under $500.

During the testing period, ensure that the image you see on the camcorder screen is as clear as possible. Therefore, adjust the magnification of the camcorder and the scope, respectively. Also, ensure to change the flashlight beam for an enhanced vision. However, as you adjust the beam light, you should put in mind the area you intend to cover/ see with the scope. Additionally, it is also essential to put into consideration your rifle abilities while shooting.

While testing, ensure to adjust the scope effectively based on your rifle usage. It would help if you also considered testing the ability of your rifle in shooting at various distance ranges to ensure that you don’t make the night vision and miss hitting your target. Therefore, ensure to use the appropriate ammunition that you will use for hunting to maintain the quality of the same result in an actual field of use.


Making the night vision scope for yourself is an easy task provided you have the right tools. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy one or even go through complicated training sessions to make one. However, you must not be in a harry if you expect to get a useful tool and still save a couple of dollars.

However, there are several other methods of making the night vision scopes for an air rifle. If you find this somewhat complicated, you can find other techniques that will work for you. Additionally, if you don’t have the time to go through all the hustles of getting individual tools for a better night vision scope, you can also opt to buy a ready one. Lastly, ensure that when making the night vision scope, you attach it to the appropriate rifle for better performance.

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