How to Get Moisture Out Of Binoculars

When you are using your binoculars in wet weather, there are chances that they might accumulate moisture on the outside and inside of the lenses. This, in return, will block your view hence prevent you from enjoying nature as you would want to experience. Therefore, it is good to learn how to get the moisture out of binoculars.

If the moisture buildup is on the outside of your optical device, a simple wipe with a cloth with help get it out. However, if the moisture is internal, then this is a reason for you to be concerned.

If the humidity continues to build internally, it may block your viewing completely or even damage the device from the inside.

However, the process of removing moisture is simple, and you don’t require an expert to do it for you. It is therefore good to also look at how to fix a blurry rifle scope guide.


Step 1: Place Your Binoculars in A Dry Warm Place

The first step towards removing fog buildup on the insides of your binoculars is placing it on a warm, dry surface for a couple of days. Binoculars are designed in a way that they allow air penetration in and out, so, if there is moisture developing on the inside when you expose it to warm air, moisture will evaporate.

Therefore, within a few days, your binoculars will resume its initial state and free from moisture.


Step 2: Use a Desiccant

Desiccants are known to be good moisture absorbers from optical devices. Therefore, you can place your binoculars in an airtight plastic with some commercial desiccants and seal the plastic.

The desiccants will absorb all the moisture and ensure to eliminate the source hence keeping your device safe and secure.

Additionally, the best thing with this procedure is that you can also repeat the same even when you are not sure that your device has moisture.

How to Prevent Moisture from Forming

Now that you know how to get rid of moisture on your binoculars, then learning how to prevent it from forming will guarantee your device is secure for future usage.

Gentle Cleaning

Keep cleaning your optics as often as possible. When mist forms on the lenses, a repeated gentle cleaning keeps the device free from excess fog buildup.

Therefore, you prevent the moisture from penetrating through to the inside in advance.

Anti-Fog Products

The market is flooded with a wide range of anti-fog products from sprays, wipes, creams, drops, and other items that can assist you in covering your lenses.

However, the efficiency of these products differs from a few hours, a week, or more depending on the usage. You also need to ensure that you only go for a product that is recommended by your device manufacturers. 


Ensuring that you take care of your binoculars is also an effective way of preventing moisture development.

Always ensure that when you are not viewing through the lenses, you store it in a secure airtight place.

This will minimize the possibilities of moisture increase hence guarantee exceptional performance through different conditions.

However, if you have the funds, it is essential to invest in a good fog-resistant device to avoid dealing with such issues quite often.

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