How to Clean Your Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes have a robust design and are created for all rugged circumstances. For the scope to last longer and provide the same quality performance, you have a role to play. The way you take care of your spotting scope will determine how valuable the scope will be. It is therefore wise to know how to clean your spotting scope.

The first step of taking care of your spotting scope is ensuring to keep it clean. However, the process of cleaning it can be intimidating; having in mind, it has sensitive parts. If you don’t do it right, you are likely to scratch the lenses or even damage the scope entirely.




On the other hand, if you chose to go to the professionals for cleaning, the exercise could be expensive. Therefore, it is essential to learn some cleaning basics as well as ways to keep it clean.

Here are easy ways to clean the spotting scope.

Put In Some Air

Air helps in removing unstuck dirty from the lens hence making it possible for you to wipe. However, when cleaning with air, you have to be careful not to blow the lens off or get the dirt trapped. Also, avoid using your mouth to breathe some air to avoid hoking on some small dust particles.

Human breath contains moisture, which might cause small mud spots on the lens. When you breathe on your lens, although it could be possible to regular the amount of air, moisture development on the lens will make cleaning slightly tough.

You can use a small tool that can blow air on the lens without applying too much air. Turn your scope upside down then apply air gently. This will allow small dust particles and debris to fall off the lens hence guarantee easy cleaning with a wipe.

Use a Soft Fabric

For people who are not on a fixed budget, you can invest in a lens cleaning pen. It can easily clear all layers of dust from your lens and still maintain the lens clarity for better viewing. You gently scrap the lens with the pen from the peripherals to the center.

However, if you don’t have the fund to get this, you can also use a soft microfiber and cotton fabric for the same. Be gentle while scraping with the fabric and ensure not to apply much force. Similar to using a lens cleaning pen, start with the peripheral and scrap towards the center. This will ensure you eliminate the possibilities of dust getting stuck at the peripheral of the scope.

Apply Cleaning Solution

Depending on the nature of the dirt on your scope, blowing and wiping might not be enough to clean the lens perfectly. Therefore, it is essential to apply the cleaning solution gently and ensure it is a sensitive lens cleaning solution rather than an eyeglass or window. With the right solution, you are guaranteed that it will pick up all the dirt and give your lens a sparklingly clean look effortlessly.

After this, take a clean, soft fabric and wipe it around the lens for the last time to remove the solution. The soft fabric will eliminate the probability of scratching the lens or blurring the unit. Therefore, you are guaranteed of a clear and reliable vision after the cleaning process.

Clean the Body

Once the lens is clean, you can use a blower to dust the body of the scope. However, if the dust has not heavily built on the body, you can use a wet wipe to clean the body gently.

After cleaning the scope, ensure to store it in a secure place. Ensure to cap the lenses to avoid dust formation, and if you have a carrying case, this is the best place to put your scope.

What Causes Dirt of Spotting Scopes?

Learning how to clean your spotting scope is a great idea. However, it is also essential to know what causes the dirt in the first place to help you avoid it where possible. In most instances, spotting scope lenses get dirt from three possible reasons. More details can be on the article named how to fix a blurry scope guide.

  • Your Hair and Skin

Naturally, humans shed skin every time they scratch their hands, change clothes or even touch their faces. If you have a scope, this skin will eventually find its way to the scope hence cause dirt development.

 Additionally, every day, an average person loses up to 1000 strands of hair, including eyebrows, arms, and leg hair. Therefore, if you keep your scope lens uncapped, the hair is likely to fall on it hence cause dirt accumulation.

  • Outdoor Activities

Another possible reason for dirt accumulation on your scope could be going out. When you use your scope to watch birds or enhance your view while on an adventure, it gets exposed to unimaginable dirt collection.

At times it’s possible for the scope to trip from your hands and fall, and you cannot control where it lands. There are instances where it will get rained on and much more. Also, when you are out, you cannot keep capping the lens, especially when you are continually moving and watch different activities.

  • Inevitable Dirt

It is possible for a scope owner to be extra careful and always ensure that your investment is secure in a case. However, even then, there are still chances of getting the scope dirt. Dust travels through air, and the small particles are invisible. Therefore, it is possible that dust could rest on the case and find its way to the scope.

Ensuring that you keep your spotting scope safe and in a secure location does not completely guarantee that you can prevent it from getting dirty. However, it minimizes the dirt accumulation hence making it easy for you to clean it.


Your spotting scope is a worthy investment, and keeping it clean is your responsibility. A clean scope guarantees to bring more fun in your camping, hunting, or hiking adventure. It allows you to have a clear vision of nature while at your convenience.

Also, when you keep your scope clean, it indicates that it will last a lifetime. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until its completely dirty for you to consider cleaning it. You also don’t have to wait until you consider going for an adventure for you to clean the scope.

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