How Much Scope Magnification Do I Need?

Determining how much scope magnification you will need on your scope can be daunting. The magnification power of your scope allows you to view objects at a closer range and also enhances your ability to make a perfect shot.

The market is saturated with scopes that contain all sorts of magnification from 3x to at times 30x and above. With such a vast market, choosing one that will fit your needs can be a daring hustle. If you are a starter, this market can complete your decision making and eventually led you towards making the wrong choice. Also, learn about Why Should You Always Focus an Object on a Lower Power before Focusing On High Power When Using a Scope?

For you to gauge how much magnification you will need, you first have to determine what type of shooting you intend to engage in. You will also need to evaluate your shooting distance as well as other factors.

However, if you are unsure about which magnification will best suit your adventure, this blog is all you will need. We’ll help you determine the best magnification bases on your rifle and your ability to make the perfect shot. Here are some of the basic things to consider while choosing magnification.

Shooting a Still Target

If you are considering taking your scope in action by shooting at still targets, high magnification scope will work best for you. A still target doesn’t require a wide field of view as you already know where the target is. Therefore, you don’t need a scope that will provide you a wider view to make perfect shots.

Scopes with magnification levels of about 18x and above make great additions for the task. They ensure you ate able to zoom on your target as much as possible to enhance your chances of getting the bullseye on your target.

On the other hand, using low magnification scopes for the target will limit your chances of making accurate decisions. This is because a low magnification lens will create room for you to have a wider view hence alternate your focus on the initial target. In return, you will eventually miss your target due to mixed focus concentration.

Shooting on still target prepares you to learn how to aim perfectly. Therefore, your rifle scope should guarantee you can view clearly even at long range. Additionally, with high power magnification it becomes easy for you to determine where your bullet will land on your is also suitable for long range shooting for big game.

However, for a still target, you can also choose a scope with fixed power as it can still provide you with the expected results. Fixed magnification works best for shooting range within 200 yards. This can apply on the CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review.

Shooting Moving Target

If you are a hunter, then you understand the challenges around shooting moving targets. However, this is where the difference between low and high magnification stands. Mostly, when you are hunting, you will want a scope that will provide you clarity for objects within 300 yards range. The best scope for such a task is one with low magnification.

A scope with at least 10x magnification will allow you to have a wider field of view. Therefore, it will provide you with sufficient space to monitor your target’s movement through the distance. Low magnification scopes also guarantee adequate light transmission. This ensures that you will be able to spot your target even when the weather is challenging.

For this type of shooting, the field of view is quite essential. Therefore, you require to get a scope that will provide you to make your shot effective. Additionally, with a lower magnification power, it is easy to lock in on your target.

Shooting moving targets often happens when your target is at a closer range of approximately 300 yards. Therefore, even with a low magnification power of 4x or 6x, you can still get the scope useful.

However, if your hunting involves shooting at small, fast targets, a higher magnification scope could be appropriate. With a scope of 10x magnification, you can effectively shoot on target within 500 yards range or less. On the other hand, the same power could be convenient when shooting on targets that are not moving as fast on a long-distance range to up to 1000 yards.

Issues with High Magnification

High magnification power has several setbacks that you cannot afford to overlook. Therefore, before you decide on investing in them, it is essential to look at it in a closer view.

Higher power impairs your ability to make accurate shots. For instance, when shooting at objects within 100 yards, the high magnification power will not allow you to focus effectively on your target due to the distance. Also if your shooting location is not as clear, it will not be possible for you to keep up with your target.

Higher Price

Although price doesn’t always count as a feature, high magnification scopes are often sold at a higher price. If you have a scope with an average magnification of 25x to 30x may be convenient. However, if you choose to go for anything above that range, it could be unnecessary and costly. If you have the funds, scopes beyond 30x are available for about $2,000 and above.

You should not always consider price for high quality products. Therefore, apart from price it is essential to put other features in consideration. This will guarantee that the product you get is convenient for your hunting adventure and will not strain your accounts.

Poor Aim

In one way of the other, using high magnification will lower the amount of light transmission. This makes it difficult for you to hit your target, especially on a long-distance range. Therefore, if you get a scope with higher magnification, you have to ensure it has a bigger lens too.

Additionally, high magnification scope will require you to extremely careful before making pulling the trigger. A slight movement either on your target of rifle could alter the results you get when you pull the trigger.

Scopes Are Heavier

The ration between magnification and lens size increases simultaneously. The higher the magnification, the bigger your lens will be hence the heavier the scope. This makes it difficult for you to navigate around with the riflescope in search of your target.

Additionally, when your scope is heavy, even setting up the scope becomes a little complicated. The weight will also dictate the way you mount it on the rifle, among other issues.

Final Words

Answering how much magnification you need for your scope is not as straight forward. There is so much to put into consideration before coming up with a comprehensive decision. Apart from evaluating the above aspects, it would help if you also put into consideration how you will use the rifle.

If you are using the rifle while holding it on your hands, the magnification will not be the same as when it is mounted on a bench. Therefore, when choosing, ensure to evaluate such details to avoid investing in the wrong device for your adventure.

However, regardless of how you choose to use it, a magnification range of 3 9x might be convenient. You also need to be sure that you get a scope with adjustable setting to allow you the freedom of hunting at any distance range. Also with adjustable magnification, it easy for you to hunt both in clear fields as well as in the woods.

Also, it is always good to remember that high magnification does not always signify that you get the best quality. Therefore, when you are shopping around, check through various brands and only go for one that will make your adventure eventful with extreme performance.

However, if you have other information that you feel need to be addressed but is missing, make sure to leave a reply with your email address. This will guarantee that the choosing process will be easy even for those who are unsure of what to look for.

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