CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review

CV LIFE is a brand that is becoming quite popular when it comes to developing affordable and reliable scopes. They have a great taste for quality, giving you amazing performance for all your target shooting, hunting, or even self-defense.

With this CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review, you are guaranteed that your outdoor experience will be unmatched. It enhances your ability to hit the target regardless of the shooting distance.

Therefore, whenever you take it with you for an adventure, you are guaranteed of getting the expected results.


CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review

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General Overview of CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 

  • 50 mm lens diameter
  • high magnification power 6-24x
  • Coated lens
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Green and red illuminated crosshair

Pros and Cons

This scope provides you with more than you would expect from a product within its price range. The sturdy construction ensures that the scope is strong and can withstand impact, among other usage challenges.

The coated design keeps it safe from rust, allowing you to enjoy its original looks for a longer duration. When it comes to performance, the large lens provides you with a high field of view, making it possible for you to have a clear vision of your target.

It also has an easy-to-mount design and is compatible with a majority of rifles. Therefore, once you get your hands on this scope, nothing can stop you from experiencing greatness.

The only downside of this scope is that it comes with free mounts, which are tough to fit on various rifles.


Feature of CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 

 If you are still skeptical about getting it trading for another expensive brand, here are some of it’s specifications for your considerations.

With this CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 review, we’ll share the essential features that this scope provides, making your work easy.

1.Reliable Optics

The scope has coated glass, which ensures there is sufficient light transmission. This also prevents the glass from fogging during harsh weather conditions, giving you the confidence to use the scope under any weather at all times.

The coated style also provides you with a clear vision for your target at any time and distance.

Therefore, it will be convenient for you to carry the rifle at any time and experience great performance.

The scope has a Mil-Dot reticle that has a traditional crosshair design. It also features red and green illumination marking, giving you a reliable range finder.

This also indicates that you get a better and exceptional view from any angle.

The illumination comes with five different settings allowing you to set and increase viewing brightness based on your personalized expectations.

You can also switch it off where applicable to give your hunting more privacy when in the field. Additionally, you can choose to use the red or green illumination interchangeably for enhanced and precise vision.

With this 6-24×20 optics, you will enjoy a wide field of view of approximately 28 feet for objects placed at 100 yards distance.

Its objective lens of 50 mm will guarantee sufficient light transmission for any magnification to ensure you get higher chances of hitting your target.

2. Magnification Power

Unlike other scopes on the market, this comes with a reliable magnification power of up to 24 times.

In other words, when you are looking at objects placed at a distance, this magnification gives you the comfort you need to see it accurately.

The high magnification ensures that you can get an accurate shot at any distance hence making every bullet count.

A scope with this magnification is also convenient for use at any range and field. Therefore, you will not have to strain your eye to get a clear vision of your target.

Its reticle is placed on the second focal plane. With such a design, you are sure that the size of your image will not be compromised regardless of the zooming power.

In other words, this guarantees that you can comfortably hit on a bullseye from whatever range you are shooting.

3. Sufficient Eye Relief

This scope has an eye relief of 3.52 inches, making it comfortable even for those who swear glasses. With such a high eye relief, you are sure that you will still be safe even when your rifle has high recoil.

The high eye relief gives you the freedom to view through the lens and still maintain a comfortable distance to shot without changing the rifle’s setting.

When viewing objects at a high distance, eye relief provides you with consistency in viewing.

This gives you the assurance that you will not have to deal with eye fatigue issues even after using the scope for an extended period.

To understand the best eye relief to get it is good to ask how much scope magnification do I need?

4. Adjustments and Turrets

What makes this scope a must-have for almost every hunter is the fact that it has capped turrets.

This guarantees that it is easy to adjust, and when set right, it holds to zero for a longer period, even after several shots.

Its windage and elevation have 1/8 inch increments per click at 100 yards.

This indicates that you can comfortably take this scope for an adventure and experience greatness with only one set.

The adjustment range for this scope is quite sufficient, allowing you to enjoy every moment while within your comfort.

Additionally, this scope has no parallel adjustments hence making it straightforward and effective.

5. Durability and Design

It is specifically designed for performance at low maintenance. The tube is aluminum coated, making it waterproof and fog-resistant.

This makes the scope convenient for use under harsh conditions and will not compromise on performance.

This scope has a single tube design, which is an added advantage when it comes to durability.

The aluminum material is super strong and will not be broken under any circumstance.

It can therefore withstand various wear and tear hence giving you an actual value for the money.

6. Ease of Mounting

This scope comes with a free mount to ensure that you are not stressed about mounting it on your rifle. The free mount makes the scope compatible with almost any rifle you have.

Unlike other scopes, the free mount also guarantees that mounting it will take only a few minutes.

However, the manufacturers have not restricted to only using the free mounting that comes in the package.

Therefore, you can choose to improve and use the mounts that you feel are convenient for you.

Additionally, since it’s compatible with numerous rifles, you are sure that you can take it to the fields right away and experience the difference once you invest in this scope.


When it comes to performance, this scope is one of the best you will ever find on the market. It is specifically designed to perform and satisfy your hunting and enhance your skills for the better.

With this scope, the first thing you are guaranteed is that it will help you make every bullet count.

The 50 mm objective lens allows you to view your target and observe its surroundings perfectly.

This, therefore, indicates that it will be easy for you to see your target’s environment before releasing the bullet. 

The coated design makes it convenient for use even during dark moments. This gives you the confidence you need to go hunting whenever it’s appropriate to find your prey.

Top Rated CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review



This is an excellent overall scope for any hunter willing to take their skills to the next level.

If you think of a device that could enhance your shooting, especially in the long-range, this is your solution.

It has a sturdy design, and its adjustments are super easy to guarantee to hit the target is bliss.

The scope comes at an affordable price range, making it ideal for any hunter, including working on a budget.

Once you set it to zero, you are also guaranteed that you can shot at your target even after several shots without having to reset all over again.

Therefore, if you are looking for a simple scope that will give your shooting meaning and make every bullet count, the CV LIFE 6-24×50 rifle scope will be a perfect fit for you.

However, based on your skills and hunting needs, it is still convenient for you to consult a professional before committing to getting this scope in your hunting arsenal.

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