How Much Scope Magnification Do I Need?

Determining how much scope magnification you will need on your scope can be daunting. The magnification power of your scope allows you to view objects at a closer range and also enhances your ability to make a perfect shot. The market is saturated with scopes that contain all sorts of magnification from 3x to at … Read more

Why Should You Always Focus an Object on a Lower Power before Focusing On High Power When Using a Scope?

Low power focus

When you are using a scope, you must understand what happens when you change the depth of focus from the objects you are viewing. The magnification is the relationship between how close the image is when you look at it with your naked eyes compared to when you are using your scope. Magnification makes it … Read more

How to Read Scope Numbers and Their Meaning

scope number and meaning

No one scope can perform extremely well in all circumstances. This has, therefore, led to the manufacturing of different scopes to offer various services. Although the primary aim is to provide users with reliable vision and facilitate accuracy, the difference is quite essential. With this, it is good to know how to read scope numbers … Read more

Spotting Scope Vs Binoculars

spotting scope vs binoculars

  Choosing between a spotting scope vs binoculars is a daunting adventure as they both have similar functions. Therefore, making the decision on which device will best suit your needs takes more than what meets the eye. However, although the two devices function the same, they each excel in specific areas. Therefore, there is a … Read more

How to Clean Your Spotting Scope

cleaning a spotting scope

  Spotting scopes have a robust design and are created for all rugged circumstances. For the scope to last longer and provide the same quality performance, you have a role to play. The way you take care of your spotting scope will determine how valuable the scope will be. It is therefore wise to know … Read more