Binoculars Vs Monoculars

Differences between Binoculars and Monoculars

The human eye is often limited, making it difficult for you to see beyond a particular point. Therefore, the need for an optic lens to facilitate long-distance viewing is vital for any outdoor adventure. Whether you are a wild hunter, bird watching, or general outdoor person, your eyes have a distance limitation. Therefore getting to understand a general view of binoculars vs monoculars is key. 


For you to get a clear vision, it is therefore essential to invest in gadgets that will facilitate your viewing. However, the market is saturated with both monocular and binocular hence making it challenging to get appropriate lenses.

An easy difference between the two is that binoculars use both eyes while monocular uses one eye. The two devices function the same, and there is not bad investment by choosing one over the other. If you are considering which to buy between the two, then this blog is here for you. We will discuss each gadget independently and show its advantages and disadvantages. This will make it easy for you to choose one that meets your needs.

What’s A Monocular?

differnce between monocular and binocular

This is a one-lens optic that aids long-distance vision. Monoculars are relatively small in size and have a lightweight design. This guarantees that the monocular can fit your hiking backpack perfectly and will not increase the weight. People refer to the device as an innovative telescope as it also serves the same purpose.

However, monocular comes in various power capacity, size, and prices, and they are highly available on the market. They can be used for both day and night vision, but they are mostly used for night vision, especially by military and surveillance people.

What Are Binoculars?

binoculars vs monoculars

Binoculars, on the other hand, binoculars are two lens optical devices that have the same functionality as monocular. It allows you to see the object from a long distance with both eyes hence giving you enhanced clarity. Unlike monocular, a binocular is flexible, and you can fine-tune it to meet your viewing preference.

They come in different sizes, prices, color, and designs. Some binoculars can be twisted such that both lens get close for better viewing. The devices are also lightweight for user’s flexibility while on an outdoor adventure.

Unlike monocular, binoculars are quite famous and highly used by hikers and hunters. They are more popular than monocular, and most outdoor enthusiasts people use them on their respective adventures.

Differences between binoculars and monoculars videos



Binoculars vs Monoculars

Monocular and binocular serve the same purposes to ensure you get a clear vision at a far distance. The major difference between the two is that one is made for one eye while the other is for both eyes.

Monocular features a simple design, and they use less material compared to binocular, and they also weigh much less. For instance, a monocular with the same magnification power with a binocular weighs more than half the binoculars weight. Monocular is also convenient and can fit almost any backpack.

On the other hand, binoculars are comfortable to use over a long period, and they prevent your eye from fatigue. People who use glasses also find binoculars convenient as they don’t stress the eyes while using them.

Additionally, with binoculars, its easy to estimate the distance between you and the target as there is clarity of vision on both eyes. They also have a compact design, and they can withstand numerous outdoor challenges.

Also, binoculars have double lenses, which guarantees that the quality of vision is not compromised. It allows sufficient light transmission to enhance image clarity and a wide field view. Therefore, when you use binoculars, it is easy to monitor your target even as it moves.

If you are considering which one you should choose between the two, then making that decision will solidly depend on the activity, you intend to use. Each of the two is suitable for a particular task hence making it difficult to choose only one.

The fact that most outdoor people use binoculars for almost every adventure is also not a guarantee that they are the best. Therefore, ensure to take your time and choose appropriately.

The gadgets durability is also another aspect to consider when choosing between the two. However, this will vary from one brand to the other for both binocular and monoculars.

What comes in handy for different outdoor adventure?

With that said, its time to take each piece on specific adventures where the need for a lens comes in hand. This will help find the most appropriate hence make it easy for you to choose which one to buy.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a serious adventure that requires one to be prepared with convenient optic lenses. They often fly from a higher distance, and at times, it gets uncomfortable to follow them with the naked eye. Both monocular and binoculars can serve the purpose and help you watch the birds pretty well.

However, if you are thinking of taking the adventure to a professional level, then a binocular will come in handy. Binoculars are comfortable for longer period observation even for people who use glasses and will not strain your eyes. Unlike monocular, with binoculars, its easy to track and scan birds at any distance, observe their moves from a crowd.

In other words, you can single out a bird and observe its land, peck, and taking off while in your comfort zone. Additionally, binoculars are steady and will maintain uncompromised image clarity throughout the adventure. Although there are special monocular that is designed with enhanced focus, they’re no match for the focus capabilities of binoculars. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast bird watcher, binoculars could be the best fit for your adventure, but there are some great monoculars for bird watching too.

Wildlife Observation/Hiking

Wildlife observation requires a reliable lens that can be accessed easily, and it is easy to use. Binoculars are lightweight and design a foldable. Therefore, they make a great addition to your hiking kit, and they don’t bring in additional weight.

However, when you are in a park for wildlife observation, you need a gadget that is easy to access and will allow you to spot the deer before they spot you. This makes binoculars unreliable and monocular more convenient for the task. Before you unfold the binoculars, it will take a few minutes if not seconds, hence exposing you to danger.

Additionally, it takes time to align the lens, especially if it is right to form the bag. However, a monocular is fast and ready to use. When in the woods, you need a device that will give you a quite peek from a distance before the wildlife spots you. This makes monocular reliable for hiking or wildlife observation and guarantees to keep your security in check. However, if you consider wildlife photography, you will need to invest in a spotting scope.


When you are out hunting with a monocular, you need to have a clear vision and wide-field observation. The lighting in the woods is not always convenient, so you will need a device that will also enhance your vision by providing a perfect view even in low light.

In hunting, it is all about tracking your target and having a wide field view to execute your hunting tactics effectively. A binocular allows you to gather all vital information about your target and also can scan the environment pretty fast.

Although it could be easy to pick a monocular and use, it will not provide you with adequate information to get your target. Therefore, if you are considering advancing your hunting to a professional level, apart from investing in a good rifle, binoculars would also come in handy. This can be affirmed when looking at the best binoculars for bow hunting.

Night vision

Night vision requirements vary based on the activity you have in mind. Some people want night vision for surveillance/security, to others is for hunting, bird watching, and much more. Therefore, settling for one device that would perfectly work and provide you with the expected vision could be a hard decision to make.

Both monocular and binoculars, however, work just as fine during the night, and they can ensure to provide you with the expected vision. Yet, you have to ensure that you pick one that is perfect for night vision and will blend in with your activity.

Therefore, before you settle for either a monocular or binocular, it is essential to be specific on the activity that you intend to participate in. This way, making your decision will not be based on the difference of the gadgets but rather their functionality in your specific adventure.


For this activity, you need a device that will not only provide you with a wide range but also maximize light transmission. Astronomy binoculars have a large objective lens and are heavily powered to ensure a decent celestial viewing.

Binoculars also come with an interchangeable eyepiece system, which ensures that you are comfortable and have high magnification power. This is something that you cannot get with a monocular regardless of how modified it might be.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting into the astronomy field, having a pair of binoculars should not be optional. It ensures to give you the ideal view, and it is also super easy to carry around, hence making your adventure exceptional. 

Indoor Use

When in a museum, there are times when you cannot see the cryptic text on ancient glasses using naked eyes. At this point, have a magnification of the text would help as you will get the details perfectly. Therefore, unless you have a magnification glass, using your binoculars or monocular is the second easiest option.

However, it would sound and look weird to pull out your binoculars in a museum and start watching text. With a monocular, on the other hand, you will not draw much attention to you and will also get the details. Using monocular in a museum will also give you an expert appreciation as one who pays attention to fine history details rather than pulling attention.


Are Monoculars The Best Choice For You?

Whether you need them for surveillance, hunting, bird watching, or watching the night skies on a clear summer night, monocular is a great addition to your scoping gadgets. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages that set them apart from binoculars.


One of the most annoying issues with the monocular is that the vision a user gets is often diminished during certain weather conditions. For instance, during a hot and humid day, the images may be blurry even though you are getting enough light through the lens. There is also a chance that the lens will fog up when it is too cold outside. These conditions make it impossible for you to see clearly. Additionally, whenever there are atmospheric turbulences, you may not have a clear view of images that are at a far distance.

The Physical Size

Monoculars are loved because they are small, compact, and easy to carry. However, their physical size is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The more affordable ones have smaller dimensions and are only a few inches in diameter.

However, if you are looking to view images from a far distance, or need to look at the stars at night, these smaller monocular devices may not be as helpful as you need them to be. They may also fail you when it comes to target shooting, especially if you are shooting at a moving target. To see further, you will have to use the larger devices which are more expensive and bulkier to carry around.

Accessibility to Amateurs

If you are just starting on hunting and target shooting, a monocular may be the best device for you to start with. Not only is it easy to carry around, but it is also more convenient as you learn more about your newly found hobby.


Binoculars and a monocular are not that different. They perform similar tasks that allow enthusiasts to view objects from afar. Choosing the right one for you may not be that difficult, although, like most people, you will find out that having both is the best way to go. It will ensure that you have a device to use at night when there are dim light conditions and during the day when it is bright and sunny.

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