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Best Spotting Scope Under $500

Five Best Spotting Scope Under $500

Do you have a knack for outdoor adventures? Do you partake in target practice? Are you short on cash but are looking for an outstanding spotting scope? Well, you just got lucky. In the market there exist a category of best spotting scope under $500.

Many times, we see these pieces of technology and we shy off because we see them as expensive, but there are amazing spotting scopes for under $500. They have excellent pictures among other great features.

Let’s take a look at the top five spotting scopes you can purchase for below $500. Plus guided buyers tips on choosing the best spotting scope under $500.

ProductMagnificationSpecial FeaturesImageCheck Price
1. Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope20-60x82mmHas a BAK4 prism
2. Celestron 52306 Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope22-67x20mmHas an upgradable eyepiece
3. Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm Spotting Scope with Case20-60x100mmHas a high glass quality
4,Gosky Newest 20-60x80 Dual Focusing Spotting Scope 20-60x80mmDurable

Best Spotting Scope Under $500

If you’re looking for something with high definition picture quality, easy carriage, and pocket-friendly, you are in the right place. Here are five top of the line the best spotting scopes under $500 that you should add to your collection.


  • The great value of money with impeccable magnification power.
  • Rubber armor is great for a comfortable grip and weather protection.
  • It has a dual control focus knob for image adjustments.
  • The scope has excellent eye relief for glass wearers.
  • The wide objective lens and exit pupil allows for enough light transmission for a wider field of view.


  • The coating on the lens could be better with a fully multicoated layer.
  • Focusing images could be a hard task with the focus knob and varied magnification power.


2. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 Scope

The number two spot goes to Bushnell. Yet another scope producing ultra-high-quality images under a varied magnification power of between 20× to 60×. It features a wide objective lens diameter of 80mm which translates to a wide field of view.

The wideness along with the long exit pupil allows for light to be easily transmitted through. The more light, the brighter the images, even in dark areas. The spotting scope is great for long-range target practice.

In terms of optics, the roof prism has BAK glass with a high refractive index. There won’t be blurry images , color aberrations or glares. The lens also has a phase coating which is fully multicoated. All images will appear bright, sharp, and clear.

It also has a rubber armor which is perfect for handling. It is nitrogen purged to protect the scope from damage due to exposure to water. It’s also weatherproof, protecting the scope from dust, rain, fog, or falling.

The scope has a rotating tripod stand. This is a great additional accessory for you since you are saving on costs by buying a scope under $500. The scope can easily be mounted on the stand, plus it allows change of direction during use.


  • The scope has a prime Extra-Low Dispersion glass which allows for clear and real images.
  • The rubber exterior gives it an added durability due to being weatherproof.
  • The objective lens has the highest quality fully multicoated layering for superb pictures.
  • The package has a casing and compact tripod stand to aid with the weight of the scope.
  • The interiors are made of strong alloy metal.


  • The scope weighs 42.3 ounces which are quite heavy.
  • The scope is very close to the $500 price tag.



3. Celestron 52306 Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope

Right from its name, the Celestron Regal shows nothing more than quality. It has an extra-low Dispersion glass for clear and real imaging. This is supported by a coated lens which also adds to the brighter images.

The magnification power on the scope is also varied from 22× to 67×. The highest magnification power so far, which makes it an excellent choice for long-range outdoor activities.

Along with the 20mm eye relief and wide objective lens diameter, the light transmission allows for good viewing even under low light. Those who use glasses can comfortably view through the scope.

The weight of the scope is quite heavy because of the magnesium alloy interiors. While the metal interiors are great in terms of durability, they are way heavier than the plastic. Due to its weight, it also has a rotating tripod stand to cater to the portability issue.

An easy save on cost where you won’t need to invest in a separate tripod stand. It also features other accessories including the neck-straps, cups, and others.


  • The scope has a prime Extra-Low Dispersion glass which allows for clear and real images.
  • The rubber exterior gives it an added durability due to being weatherproof.
  • The objective lens has the highest quality fully multicoated layering for superb pictures.
  • The package has a casing and compact tripod stand to aid with the weight of the scope.
  • The interiors are made of strong alloy metal.


  • The scope weighs 42.3 ounces which are quite heavy.
  • The scope is very close to the $500 price tag.

4. Gosky 20-60×80 Dual Focusing ED Spotting Scope 

Are you enthusiastic about bird watching, archery, target shooting, outdoor sporting, wildlife watching, or astronomical observation, among others? Gosky focusing ED spotting scope is all you need. It has durable rubber armor and framework, which guarantees non-slip grip and shockproof grip, making it suitable for all condition use. Therefore, the external casing will be safe and last longer, and the scope will also withstand harsh conditions too.

With this scope, image clarity is not a problem. The scope has a variable 20 x60 zoom magnification for a wider vision and maintains the original image colors. Therefore, it guarantees that you will have an exceptional vision in all your adventures. Additionally, the eyepiece has a 45 degree angled design for enhanced comfort while viewing. It is also a rotatable design for convenient adjustment in any viewing. The scope has a waterproof design for protection and exceptional performance, even during harsh weather conditions.


  • Durable magnification framework
  • 45 degree angled eyepiece
  • Large objective lens
  • Water, fog, and shock resistance


  • Not suitable for watching moving objects

5. Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm Spotting Scope with Case

Winding up, the Konus spotting scope wouldn’t miss ok this list. With the widest objective lens diameter of 100 mm, the light transmission is through the roof. With enough light and a long exit pupil, the scope can easily and comfortably be used in low light.

This Italian brand also has excellent optical engineering with its high-quality BAK glass, multi-coated layer on the lens and wide field of view. The images are nothing but superb.

Konus has an eye for meticulous craftsmanship. Including this scope, the outer design is exquisite. The coating is made of rubber to protect the scope from water damage as well as other environmental factors.

Because of the nitrogen purge, it’s also safe to use under a fog. The interiors are made of metal hence, it weighs more than others made of plastic. The scope also comes packed with a bunch of accessories including casings and cups.


  • he scope is very pocket-friendly costing a little over $250.
  • The rubber armor has an ergonomic handle for a soft and comfortable grip.
  • The scope is also weatherproof. No rain, dust, or fog can affect it.
  • The warranty on the scope is for a lifetime. Free replacement and repairs unless you void the rules of the warranty.
  • With a multicoated layer on the glass, images as super vibrant.
  • The high-quality glass prevents chromatic aberrations and glares.


  • The scope is heavy hence highly dependable on the tripod.
  • The scope is angled hence more difficult to use and handle compared to the straight scope.
  • The coating could be improved to a fully multicoated layer.


Buyers Guide for Best Spotting Scope Under $500

The spotting scope just like the binoculars has similar features. But, there are specific features that bring out the element of an efficient gadget. Read on to find out which features are these;

1. Magnification

Different spotting scopes have different magnification power. What you need to look for is the type of magnification. There are two types:

  • Fixed
  • Varied

The fixed spotting scope only has one magnification power. For example 20× or 18×. A varied spotting scope has a hyphenated magnification. Like a range between 18 to 40.

The varied scope is a better option because it provides versatile uses. Depending on the outdoor activity you will be partaking in, it is best to have the maximum power for your scope.  The best thing about a varied spotting scope is that you can adjust the magnification power accordingly

2  Prisms and Prism Coating

Three types of glass can be used in a spotting scope. There is the BAK4 glass also known as barium crown glass. It has the strongest glass. The best feature it has is the high refractive index which provides better image quality. This may be explained better under the best Porro prism binoculars.

The other 2 are the BK-7 and SK – 15. They are standard glasses used with the roof prism. They may not provide adequate protection from reflective rays but they also do a great job. The high-quality glass is an important element to consider regardless of the price range.

3. Objective Lens

It’s always better to purchase a scope that has a large objective lens. The reason being, the larger they are, the lighter can be transmitted through. This also means that the exit pupil which allows for low light vision will be higher. Hence better vision in dark areas.

A large objective lens also translates to a wider field of view. The large view is important in that when you are using the spotting scope for let’s say target shooting. You should be able to scope the environment adequately.

Also, check to see the quality of the lens on the scope. It also plays a relevant role when you are choosing the right scope for you. The higher the quality of the lens, the better the pictures you will get.

4. Lens Coating

The prism isn’t the only glass or lens that needs to be coated. The objective lens has four types of coating available for a spotting scope. They include: coated, fully coated, multi-coated, and the fully multi-coated.

The coating should allow the images to be brighter, sharper, and have better contrast. That is why the best option is fully multi-coated. It has multiple layers of coating set to trap reflective lights that may cause flares and also minimize color distortions.

The other coatings are not bad, they will do a fair and standard job regarding the picture quality in low light. And since you are aiming for a spotting scope under $500, you might have to settle for a less coated lens.

5. Straight vs Angled Scope

Design-wise it’s your choice whether you want something straight or angled. But onto schematics of the scope. These types of body structure can affect the eyepiece.

The angle type has been made with many types of glasses that bounces light to allow you to see better. Plus it can be difficult to use compared to the straight spotting scope.

Also, consider the effects to your body such as neck and shoulder pains and if either of them is easier to carry around or hold with your hands.

6. Reticle

You may be wondering what this is. Well, it’s a measuring tool that allows you to calculate distances or angles accordingly for easier use. This mostly applies to those who partake in target shooting or range finding.

This laser technology allows you to plan attacks appropriately and focus keenly on the target. Unless you want to scope for just sightseeing like the animal park or just bird watching. You should get something with a complicated reticle.

However, there is a disclaimer. This advanced technology may only be found on higher priced scopes. In case you find one scope under $500, be keen to check its authenticity.

7. Eye Relief

You may be using the scope with your glasses. This automatically means that you need a scope with a long and wide eye relief to cater for that. Try a distance longer than 15mm. That should be comfortable enough for you. Otherwise, it will just cause you eye strain

8. Durability

Nobody wants to buy something that will wreck in less than a few months. So this requires you to be keen about the make and model of the scope. Look into the chassis material and the interiors.

Look to see that is, in fact, weatherproof, shockproof, dust resistant. The best exterior coating on many spotting scopes is the non-slip rubber. It will allow you to easily grab the scope and use it under any weather.

Even though you are buying a cheap spotting scope, you should never compromise on quality and durability.

Final Thoughts

A spotting scope is a brilliant gadget. One with versatile uses, seamless architecture, stylish design, and many more features. Imagine a scenario where you get to watch the birds, head out to hunt, among other outdoor activities.

The best part is, even with the best spotting scope under $500, you can get something of value, worth every penny. The imaging and picture views you will get can only get better. So why don’t you give it a try, head out to the store and get yourself one of the above exquisite spotting scopes?

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