Best Scopes for Barrett 50 CAL

Passionate shooters and hunters always hold Barrett 50 CAL to experience best target shooting when in the field. To make the shooting more exciting and thrilling, you should get your hands on an excellent scope that is easy to mount on your rifle. There are many scopes available, but it is crucial to explore and pick the best scopes for barrett 50 CAL. 

With advancements in technology, there are many scopes introduced by various companies, but few are worth buying. The best scopes for barrett 50 CAL have some unique features that allow for trial on different shots to achieve perfection and accuracy. 

ProductUnique FeatureImageCheck Price
Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane RiflescopeGood for hunting[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , BlackProper turret adjustment[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
Vortex Optics Crossfire IIGood eye relief[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]
Simmons 3-9x32mm RiflescopeLight weight[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#3c8922" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="round" "]Check Price [/su_button]

Top 4 Rated Best Scopes for Barrett 50 CAL

Some of the best scopes for Barrett 50 CAL are:

 1. UTG 30 mm Compact Scopes

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The scope is known as one of the best scopes for Barrett 50 CAL. There are special features designed in the scope which make it more preferable to the shooters and hunters.

The body of this scope is shockproof waterproof. Thus the users enjoy using it in different weather conditions. 

Zero locking is another good thing that has been inbuilt, and thus the professionals can reap the benefits by making the most of it and zeroing the scope quickly and with fewer efforts.

The 36 color mode is one of the most uncommon features inserted in the tool. 

Unique Features

  • The parallax adjustment – The parallax adjustments are marked as 10 yards to infinity
  • The reticle – It has an inbuilt mil-dot reticle. It ensures  you get the best experience in aiming of your target
  • The illumination -There is 36 color mode which can be easily adjusted. It works well in all types of light conditions
  • The coating – The coating of the lens is excellent and ensures it provides a good field of view
  • The turret – It has a zero resetting turret designed in the scope


  • The scope is tough in its use
  • It is resistant to water and fog
  • The adjustments of the turret are proper; you can set the zero
  • The illumination of the scope works well in low light
  • The glass is made of excellent quality
  • The zooming of the image is accurate


  • Its eyepiece is not that good
  • The scope may not be user-friendly

The product is well constructed and can be used in the entire climate. It has an attractive illumination and helps shoot the target in dim light. The hunters and shooters can reap the benefits of this product by using it for medium-range shooting. 

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II

[amazon box=”B085R4DKX6″ button_text=”Check Price Here” button_detail=””] This is another type of best scopes for Barrett 50 CAL. The Vortex Company introduced this scope with authentic features. They help the shooters achieve their target accurately.

The product has a BDC reticle which is useful for aiming at your target. It has an adjustable finger turret that you can set the zero. 

A long eye relief found in the scope is a unique feature that makes it more preferred by hunters and shooters. The eyepiece is designed in a way that you can focus on the target easily.

Other features in the product that make it one of the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL are

Special Features

  • Magnification – The product can zoom the image from 6 to 24x.  It has a knob that is not stiff to adjust
  • The lens – It has the lens  that are multilayered to transmit light properly and ensure viewing of a good image
  • Eye relief – The eye relief of this scope is 4 inches which makes it efficient.
  • The diameter -The objective lens diameter is 50mm and will let you view a bright image. The lens is also  adjustable hence will suit your purpose
  •  This scope’s body is designed with nitrogen filling that makes it resistant to water, fog, and shock.
  • The turret – It has a turret that is well capped hence you can retest the zero properly


  • The scope has exceptional and good optics
  • The elevation and windage settings are easy
  • It has well-designed eye relief and is very long
  • The scope construction is tough
  • It is used for medium to long-range shooting
  • It has an extended warranty


  • The reticle is not well structured
  • The tube diameter is not appropriate

The Product from Vortex is known to have unique features that work best for long-range shooting games. The lens used in this scope is of good quality and will let you view a clear image of your target. The scope is not expensive and has a good value for money product. 

3. Simmons 3-9x32mm Riflescope

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The Simmons rifle scope is among the best choices for 50 CAL. It is well developed by adding the possible features which let the user view the target with proficiency. The lens coating is sufficient enough to ensure proper viewing of a bright image. 

The scope has the best parallax adjustment that is one of the reasons that makes the product more preferable, and the glass quality is high.

Special Features

  • Eye relief – Simmons 3-9x32mm Riflescope has the eye relief that is designed as 3.5 inches. It is best used in medium-range shooting
  • The reticle – The triplex reticle is triplex and is inbuilt in the scope for sharp aiming.
  • Parallax adjustment – The parallax is easily adjusted from 50 yards to infinity
  • The optics – The optics are entirely coated with hydro shield to delivers a sharp and bright image
  • The zooming power – The scope consist of 3 to 9x zooming power and has easy to set the dial
  • The weight -The scope weighs 10.8 ounces which makes it easily portable


  • The scope has an efficient long eye relief
  • It has proper reticle for aiming at the target accurately
  • The scope consists of less weight and is easy to carry
  • It is easy to set the parallax
  • The turret knob is very responsive and no issue in zero holding
  • The eyepiece is very interesting and helpful


  • The covers that come with the scope is not excellent and transparent
  • The mount rings are not worth the price

The scope is useful for various ranges of shooting. The zooming adjustment is also smooth enough and the eyepiece structured in a way that ensures fast focus.

The image viewed through optics is spotless.

The product is best for people looking for the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL. Therefore. It can be recommended to all buyers.

4.Vortex Optics Diamondback Scope

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It is a brand established when it comes to producing the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL. The product has impressive qualities and comes at a lower price and can be considered the best choice. 

The scope is designed to best used for long-distance shooting. It works well with its 6 to 24x magnification lens to increase the image’s size once adjusted.

For tactical shooting, the bigger the image is, the higher the target accuracy. For vision quality and convenience, Vortex has incorporated some features to the scope.

Its lens is fully multi-coated, so it has multiple layers of coatings to protect the glass from the reflection that may hinder any shooter’s eyesight. It also boosts the light transmission of the scope for better lighting during daylight or dim light.

The Vortex Lens takes care of low dispersion in the glass. It means there will be a more vivid view and image resolution. It has an excellent magnification rib that comes installed in the scope.

It allows for a quick change when using it in a combat field. It has a first focal plane reticle and possesses a precision force spring system and a high precision glide erector.  It is convenient, especially if you want to adjust the magnification.

Vortex Diamondback scope is crafted with aluminium for durability and strong body frame. Its housing has an anti-glare black anodized finish to conceal the hunter or the shooter on the actual arena. The scope is also resistant to be fog water and shock. To know more on the scope one can read on vortex crossfire vs diamondback binoculars review.


  • The optical lenses are multi-coated
  • It has XD lens to ensure low dispersion and high precision erector system
  • It is made of anodized finish and aluminium that makes it durable
  • It has a first Focal Plane reticle


  • It has limited view in dim light condition

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Scope is a precious product in exchange for an affordable price. It is best used for long-distance shooting due to the 6-24x50mm magnification power. It is among the best scopes due to the strong structure with a large objective lens and quality optics

What to Look for When Buying the Best Scopes for Barrett 50 CAL

Scopes are of different types and will help you serve your purpose. The difference comes in the features that come with the scopes and will give the best. The best scope should be well equipped with beneficial features to be the best choice for Barrett 50 CAL.

Many buyers are also concerned with the functions and durability of the scope. The shooting lovers should do thorough research to purchase an excellent scope.  The essential thing which plays a vital role to view your target is the optical system. Many other features are also demanding. The scope should be structured to ensure there is no damage while using it in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you need to understand these unique features to make the best purchasing decision.

There is no perfect rifle without a good scope. Imagine an instance where you want to take prey from a distance? Unless your rifle scope is good, your effort will be wasted. Therefore, if you are a serious shooter or hunter, you need to make sure that you find yourself the best scope.

Nowadays, there are different scopes on the market. It makes it difficult for people to choose the best one. However, with the right information, you will have the ability to choose the right one.

To get a clear picture of the scopes and understand the necessary features, it is essential to understand the features that make a good scope. With proper knowledge about the scope’s features, you are likely to purchase the best scope for your Barrett 50 CAL. Some of the features that will help you decide on what scope to buy are:

Quality of the Image

The main purpose of a scope is to in giving a better view and aim at the target. That can be achieved if only the image of your target is made to clear view for you. So it means that the quality of your image should be given a top priority. Magnification and more light work to ensure that there is the production of the best image. You should consider the quality of the lens of the scope since it is also crucial for clear image production.


Mount is an essential factor that you should consider before purchasing the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL.  Mount determines the ease of mounting the scope on the rifle. Some scopes make it difficult to produce a clear target since they are not usually properly mounted on the gun. You should also understand that great optics are associated with great scope to make the task easier and convenient f

The Ease of Adjustment

Good scopes allow you to make any necessary adjustment to suit your needs. Unfortunately, not all scopes have a good capability for adjustment. A good rifle scope has a reference point and should remain constant to make it easy for different shots.

best scope for Barrett 50 CAL

You should also check if there parallax error that may interfere with your accuracy while shooting. It is essential to understand that most available scopes hardly show the sign of this error. Therefore, you should be keen when you decide to buy the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL.

The Reticle

best scope for Barrett 50 CALThe reticle construction should be proper in your scope. Different scopes come with a different reticle. For example, there are those with mil-dot to help target more conveniently and sharply. The reticle should also allow for illumination to enable shooting the target in low light conditions. There is a BDC reticle that is designed for the hunters.

An efficient reticle helps aim at your target properly. You can accurately shoot the target with the help of the right scope.  Therefore, you must check the type of reticle on the scope before buying it. 

Weight of the Scope and Eye Strain

best scope for Barrett 50 CAL

When hunting, you do not want equipment that will make you tired easily. Therefore, weight should be a factor to consider before purchasing the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL. You mustn’t have a specified amount of time to spend in the field. A heavy scope will make you tired as time elapses. Time is also a consideration since you do not want to strain your eye.

Durability of the Scope

Scopes are essential products you can use on different occasions. Most scopes may fail if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain. You should ensure that you purchase a scope made of a material that will resist corrosion due to rusting. You should also buy one that is waterproof, and will not fail if exposed to water conditions.

The Optics

The target can easily be achieved if you have high contrast and a bright image of it. The optic system is among the important features since it will let you view a clear field. The adjustable objective lenses are mostly preferred.

The diameter of the lens should also be large to ensure that the light can be transmitted properly.  There are different types of coating on the lens. They include the multiple layers coating, which gives a spotless image of a target. The experts will advise you to choose a high-quality glass scope. 

Magnification Power

To have a clear image of your target of distant prey, you should have a scope with powerful magnification. If you are not good at shooting at long range, a powerful rifle scope should be a must. However, if you cannot get distant targets without using a scope, you can drop the idea of having it.

To achieve your target set at a distance, your scope must have a good magnification power. You should check the scope to ensure that it does not blur the image once you put the knob on high zooming power.  The scope should offer a crisp and sharp image of your target, which may be set at various ranges. Many people prefer getting that is easy to set zooming.  

The Eyepiece

When talking about this feature, it is necessary to purchase one that holds the eyepiece properly angled. The feature should also let you view your target effortlessly and with convenience.  Many different scopes come with functions such as fast focuses that enable you to acquire the target easily. Therefore, you should check the eyepiece properly before thinking of purchasing the best scope for Barrett 50 CAL. 

Final Verdict

Scopes may seem tedious and unnecessary but is a good option to invest. However, they have some advantages which make them an excellent addition to your rifle. Scopes improve your shooting skills and will also help you handle tough situations. It is a positive addition considering their accuracy, range, precision, and much more.

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