Best Scope for Crickett 22

door Joost Nusselder | Geupdate op:  September 22, 2020
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The best scope for Crickett 22 is among the best rifles for young shooters. Therefore, if you have bought it for your child, it’s a great starter pack for the young person to get in the field of shooting. However, for the rifle to function exceptionally great and give the shooter the results they need, it has to be paired with a good rifle scope.

The process of choosing a riflescope for your crickett 22 rifles, however, isn’t easy.

With the market flooded with so many scopes, finding one that will work for your rifle can be a daunting experience.

On this blog, we’ve picked the best five scopes that work perfectly on a crickett 22 rifle, making it easy for you to choose.

Also, we have a brief guide on the essential features that you should look for when buying for you to get the right scope for your rifle.

Table showing the Best Scope for Crickett 22

ScopeImageUnique FeatureCheck Price
1. Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black RiflescopeFully coated optics
2. TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Rimfire and Shotgun Scope Series, Duplex Reticle, BlackDurable with a life warranty
3. UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD RingsEasy to operate
4. Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangefinder Scope with RingsLight weight
5.Keystone KSA054 Riflescope, 4x32mm, Mil-Dot, Matte, 1-Inch TubeComes with mounting rings

Top Five best Scopes for Cricket 22

1. Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope


Top on the list is this Simmons 511039 matte black riflescope. It has a unique construction style that guarantees durability and exceptional performance.

The scope is made of a high-quality optical glass lens, which guarantees that it can withstand various challenges, including weather and environmental issues.

Therefore, when you invest in this scope for your crickett 22 rifles, you are sure that it will not only enhance its performance but will also serve you for a longer duration.

It has parallax correction pre-set that starts at 50 yards to infinity. This gives you the confidence of operating the scope wherever your target is found. 

Additionally, its rubber surface provides you with a sure grip hence making it easy to adjust its settings under any weather condition.

It also features waterproof and fog proof design to ensure the scope is safe for use under harsh conditions.

Its lenses are fully coated for sufficient light transmission, especially on low light conditions.

The coating is hydroshield, which guarantees that the scope will give you bright and clear images with every observation.

This makes it easy for you to spot your prey, even when the surrounding environment is a little dark.


  • Fully coated optics
  • Sure-grip rubber surface
  • Mounting rings inclusive
  • Parallax preset from 50 yards


  • Its slightly bulky




2. TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Rimfire and Shotgun Scope Series, Duplex Reticle, Black

If you want to give your cricket 22 rifles a special treat, then mount this Truglo compact rimfire scope. Its made to introduce excellence in your rifle when you least expect.

The scope has fully coated lenses for maximum brightness, contrast, and clarity, especially on low light conditions.

Therefore, your image sharpness will remain the same for better shooting experiences.

It features a non-reflective matte finish that enhances its durability and is also scratch-resistant. Therefore, when you invest in the scope, you are guaranteed money back services.

Additionally, the device features duplex reticle models making it easy for you to operate and hit your target.

Additionally, this device is made as a waterproof, fog proof, and shock-resistant. This guarantees that the scope is convenient for use under harsh conditions, and it can withstand numerous weather challenges.

It also has a rubber eye guard to protect you against possible injuries form recoils.


  • Fully coated lenses for enhanced brightness
  • Durable non-reflective, scratch-resistant matte finish
  • Rubber eye guard
  • Lifetime limited warranty


– Slightly overpriced




3. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

One thing you will love about this brand is that it has high magnification range making it convenient for long-range shooting.

With 3-9x magnification, it is easy for you to spot your target from a distance.

It has easy aiming and shooting performance thanks to its range estimating Mil-dot reticle. 

It has an adjustable objective lens that moves from 3 yards to infinity. Therefore, when you are pursuing your target, you can adjust your lenses for easy follow-up.

This also makes it easy for you to spot your target even in its hideouts. 

The entire device has waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof design making it convenient for use under harsh conditions.

Therefore, you are guaranteed that your adventure will not be limited when the weather changes while you are in the field.

Also, in case it falls in deep water, its performance will not be compromised, making it ideal for all time use.


  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable objective lens
  • High-quality flip-open lens caps
  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof design


  • Slightly overpriced




4. Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangefinder Scope with Rings

High magnification power, easy operations, and reliable performance that’s all you get this scope for your crickett 22 rifles.

This scope is specifically designed to guarantee excellence for your rifle and also enhance its performance for any adventure. 

It has a black matte finish style making it scratch resistant and durable.

This finish style also guarantees that the scope can withstand harsh conditions and maintain its quality performance.

It is also designed with waterproof and fog proof guarantee to ensure that it is safe for use even under tough conditions such as rainy and snow seasons.

Therefore, when you have it mounted on your rifle, change in weather conditions will not limit your expectations.

On the other hand, its 32mm objective lens is large enough to ensure there is sufficient light transmission through the lens for better viewing.

This also enhances your chances of getting precise, accurate and clear shots even when the surrounding environment is not as bright.

Therefore, you can effectively take this scope for an adventure and be sure to get positive results even when it’s a little dark.


  • High magnification range
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Waterproof, fog proof construction
  • Reliable light transmission


  • Not suitable on a rimfire




5. Keystone KSA054 Riflescope, 4x32mm, Mil-Dot, Matte, 1-Inch Tube


This is made as one tube, and it comes ready with mounting rings making it convenient for use with your crickett 22 rifles.

It has 4x magnification power giving you a better view of objects even when placed at a distance.

Therefore, when you are hunting at a long-range, you are sure that you can make a perfect and precise shot before your prey discovers your presence. 

Additionally, the large objective lens guarantees easy observation of your prey even when it’s also the move.

Therefore, it will guarantee that all your bullets count and you get to hit your target at the right spot.

Also, the large lens guarantees sufficient light transmission for better performance, especially on low light conditions.

It comes with an elastic lens cover to protect it against any scratches and keep it safe while in storage.

The elastic cover also ensures to keep the lens safe from possible water or fog penetration hence ensuring that the device is secure for prolonged usage.


  • It comes with mounting rings
  • Suitable magnification range
  • Elastic lens cover included





Features To Consider When Shopping For the Best Scope for Crickett 22 

Objective Lens

Objective lens is the front part of the scope whose main purpose is to transmit light into the scope.

When the lens transmits more light, the image you receive on the other end of the scope comes clearer, brighter and sharper.

However, this is determined by the size of the objective lens that your scope of choice uses. 

Therefore, for you to get the ideal image quality that you need for the adventure, then you should consider going for a scope with a bigger objective lens.

However, the objective lens also determines the weight of the scope.

Therefore, when you go for one that is extremely bigger, then expect your scope to be hefty hence making it tough for you to carry.


Crickett 22 is designed to function up to 200 yards at maximum range effectively (like with these scopes). Therefore, when you are shopping for a scope, you don’t have to go for one that is extremely powerful.

A magnification range of up to 10 times will work perfectly and will help you attain the results that match your rifle.

This will also help you save up money without compromising your performance. You can read how much scope magnification do I need?

Lens Coating

There are several types of lens coating that you should keep in mind when choosing a scope for your rifle.

There are coated fully-coated and fully multicoated lenses.

Each coating prevents light from reflecting off the lens of the scope hence enhancing the image clarity and brightness. 

Therefore, when choosing, finding one with the best light transmission and minimal reflection is quite convenient.

For starters, it is essential to ensure that your scope of choice is fully multicoated and also has anti-reflective assurance for better performance.


If you intend to use the scope for hunting, then it is essential to put weather changes into consideration. Therefore, when you are buying a scope, ensure to get one that can withstand any conditions.

The weather changes quite fast, and it could be sunny and clear one minute and the other cloudy, drizzling, and raining.

However, this should not indicate that you should not go out for an adventure, especially if you invest in the right scope.

This way, it will be easy for you to go out and hit your target without any fears of weather changes.


Give your young one an opportunity to venture into the hunting industry by getting the best scope for their crickett 22 rifles.

With the above few scopes, it is easy for you to get one that will match your skills and also provide you with excellence for any hunting adventure.

However, when choosing you should always ensure to get one is within your budget range to avoid overstressing your account for a mere scope.

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