Best scope for 350 legend

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It is important to pick scopes that will match your best scope for 350 legend downrange impact shots, caliber and the recoil with the increasing need to reach long-range of your deer hunting.

For deer hunters to achieve great shorts remaining unseen, they are expected to hit at least 200-250 yards long range shot.

It is very important to make good research before buying any 350 legend scope on ammo lengths, rifle barrel overall length, bullet diameter, case length, rifling twist, case capacity and its variations.

It is very difficult for one to pick good rifle scopes, especially for the first-time purchasers since there is a lot in the market.

Different scopes for buyers are provided with top scope brands which are very challenging especially when one is trying to make the decision of which is the best.

We usually provide a detailed review of 350 legend best scopes for you to remain the best shooter during hunting as we clearly understand your fears.

To make it easier to choose what fits your budget and which matches your preferences, we have attached product descriptions and price comparisons.

Best scope for 350 Legend

ScopeImageUnique FeaturePrice
Vortex Optics crossfire ll second Focal Plane 1-inch Tube RiflescopeGood eye relief
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle RiflescopePerfect Zeroing
Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopeszero resets
Bushnell 3-9x40 Riflescope with DZ Reticle BlackQuick magnification

Vortex Optics crossfire ll second Focal Plane 1-inch Tube Riflescope



A 32*2.7 crossfire II scope 12-inch is designed in exquisite engineering levels that allow the back angular positions of the crossfire to stay true on its target after the hunter has aimed.

This riffle contains illumination BDC/V-Plax reticle which excellently contains darkness in case of a hunt during the nights as it illuminates right to the pointer for clear shots.

Right after that there are fittings such as duplex crosshairs, three hash masks that compensate for ballistic drops.

For the purposes of 100% success when aiming for long range shots, hash marks are fitted to the end of the reticle.

These hash marks take charge and help to catapult the bullet even after the bullet has dropped to a zero point in the cartridge.

This crossfire contains a long eye relief of 3.9”, ¼ “ MOA reticle, an ultra-eye box that castigates you to clearly get your target in a very simple way

For eyes vision protection the riflescope is manufactured with an anti-reflective and multicolored lens that eases the complexity of eyesight delays and imperfect focus.

It’s designed with capped rest turrets, a windage that can be adjusted to an elevation, and lastly, a perfect ringed focus is trusted by addition of an eyepiece between the scope and your eyes.

The targets are included with clicks that adjust to every shot taken by regressing back to zero.

Vortex Optics II is structured to an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that inclines its lifetime insurance for a far; it also provides shock proof, and fog proof.

The scope is concurred to bring forth an ergonomic design that allows 1-inch scope rings.

One can decide to either get with them the low, medium, or high scope rings.


  • Generous eye relief which can perfectly execute short range
  • Durable
  • Nice glass
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Prizes that are pocket-friendly
  • Eye relief which is adjustable
  • Easily zeroed
  • Pictures that is clear for focus and clarity.


  • No sunshades
  • No flip-up covers
  • Not an AO scope

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2. Bushnell Banner 3-9*40mm Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope



This competent scope is made to a 12-inch length and a DDB brightness that makes sure into the configuration of ranges and sightings in all light conditions.

Bushnell Banner 3-9* 40mm Multi-X Reticle Riflescope is structured with multicoated glass and high-grade optics that ensure High Definition pictures.

It is designed with a one inch Piece tube gadget, a 3.3” long eye relief, and an overall frame quality that increases the durability, 100% waterproofness and fog proof.

This riflescope is structured with a ¼” MOA Finger adjustment and a low light density that supports magnifications by 3 times (3*) up to 9*.

Its 40mm objective lens works together to bring long-range shot capacity during hunting.

Bushnell Banner 3-9* 40mm Reticle Riflescope is structured with a ¼” MOA that runs on finger tips wind age and elevation adjustment.

It is also structured with an excellent reticle that in it has basic thin crosshairs.

These crosshairs are specified to a thin and dark mode, an easy-to-use function making it easy to achieve accurate shots and wide range usability even for shooters that initially disliked the use of crosshairs reticle

This scope is made in such a way it has a parallax correction of 100 yards and zeroes correctly.

It is well compatible with one-inch scope rings but one has to decide the height of the scope rings concerning the size of your barrel.

If you are looking for a rifle scope for your 390 legend that services you great clarity and a wider field of view, Then Bushnell Banner 3-9* 40mm-X Reticle Riflescope is a good option.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has flip-up covers/lens covers
  • Adjustable Magnification
  • Good eye relief
  • Great value for the price
  • Parallax correction
  • Works flawlessly in all moderate conditions
  • Perfect zeroing
  • First degree performance
  • Great rate for the price


  • Lacks stand-alone sunshade that is like-minded with the product
  • Lacks mil-dot reticle

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3. Vortex Optics 4-16×44 diamondback tactical First Focal Plane Riflescope



Precision and accuracy is a key indicator for splendid scopes, Vortex optics 4-16×44 diamond black tactical First Focal plane Rifle scope rankings nicely in each aspect.

The rifle scope is made with a superb low dispersion glass, a multicoated lens that provides clarity and excessive definition pictures. As a first focal aircraft rifle scope, it lets a magnification vary via 4×.

Its reticle is designed to low power, outfitted with a quick focus eyepiece to obtain swing zeroing of targets.

It has a 4-inch eye remedy that helps you acquire lengthy very photographs and supply customer’s extraordinary optic performance. Vortex Optics 4-16×44 diamondback tactical First Focal aircraft Rifle scope consists of a precision-glide erector device that ensures smooth magnification with the aid of the use of the use of high-grade interior component in its zoom lens.

This rifle has top notch optics universal overall performance that is structured to cope with harsh conditions.

It consists of tactical turrets, side parallax knobs which offer gun customers the opportunity to precisely obtain long-range precision shots.

Its 30mm tube physique is constructed to forestall fog, shock and water to extend the range of sturdiness and its strength. This sturdiness feature is configurator with nitrogen filling and sturdy O-ring seals.


  • Comes with integral accessories; glass cleaning cloth, sunshade and covers.
  • Includes a consumer manual
  • Resettable tight turrets
  • Zero resets
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Great Optics
  • Lower strength reticle
  • Accurate Holdovers


  • No zero stops
  • Does now not have an illuminated reticle
  • Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

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4. Bushnell 3-9×40 Riflescope with DZ Reticle Black



Bushnell 3.9*40 Riflescope with DZ Black is constructed to a long-mid varies magnification of 3.9*.This riflescope is developed with an adjustable size throw that affords speedy magnification and appropriate focus.

This focus is designed with association turrets that are supported with a click-type dial lock gadget that keeps them in area after locking them. These turrets additionally consist of goal zeroing that approves you to flip the dial to the yardage and reap aimed on dead center.

It is outfitted with a plastic elide on covers that offers top of the line protection on lens.

Bushnell 3.9×40 Riflescope with DZ Reticle Black is structured with a multi-coated lens that gives outstanding optic performance for shooters with bright and crystal clear pictures of the target each on maintain or in motion.

Its reticle is designed to support shootings and holdover at lengthy levels of 600 yards. It’s potential to self-adjust and self-maintain makes it a top choice for shooters as you can reap terrific center of attention even whilst you are carrying your gloves.


  • Good mild transmission
  • Click-type dial turret
  • Plastic slide on lens covers
  • Quick Magnification
  • Clear Optics
  • Parallex adjustment


  • Does now not come with a mount

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Buyers Guide

Before you set out to buy a riflescope for your .350 legend, there are sure features you look out for. Read more on the article on how to choose a scope.

Having deep information about these features and their overall performance will assist you to make suitable preferences and selections on riflescopes and obtain the high-quality scope for your 350 legend; there are sure facets you ought to seem to be out for.

Having deep know-how about these facets and their performances will help you make accurate picks and decisions on riffle scopes and obtain the first-class scope of your 350.

There are six things to look out for while purchasing a riflescope for your .350 legend.

Tube Diameter

Sometimes, it is randomly believed that the diameter of the tube scope in many approaches determines the amount of weight installed on the barrel but that is now not a necessary element to think about in this lane.

Larger tube diameters offer large provisions to accommodate extra inside factors which will produce awesome optic performance.

It is beneficial to go for scopes with massive tube diameters if you are planning on long-range shots. Don’t get too bothered about the weight.

Most giant tube diameter scopes are designed to a lightweight frame that hinders a whole lot weight influence on your riffle.


There are a lot of reticles for each riflescope you will locate in the market. Sometimes, it would possibly seem difficult trying to make a clear decision on which scope you have to go for.

However, your riffle’s scope noticeably determines your aiming ability.

Ranging from mid-dot reticle to ballistic reticle, your desire and choice ought to base on how a long way you want to aim.

Mil-dot reticles are appropriate at vary finding, whilst ballistic reticle is constructed to compensate bullet drops via specific velocities.

Before you make a last selection on which reticle you choose, you ought to apprehend what functions you are anticipating from your scope.


 Your first line of selecting a magnification for your scope is on determining whether they are constant or adjustable. Scopes with constant magnification are right alternatives for taking speedy pictures at brief ranges.

Overall, going for scopes with low power is the high-quality preference for hunting.

Scopes magnification run thru ranges of 4x-24x. Although giant magnification scopes provide larger visuals of images, a scope with a 4x magnification is a remarkable preference for hunting as you can effortlessly deal with holdovers.

With excessive magnification scopes, mild movements like your breath, heartbeat ought to pressure the crosshairs out of place.

We apprehend that one of the reasons for deciding on a properly scope for your .350 legend is to obtain excellent pictures for the duration of hunts. If you need to hit a deer at a giant some distance, you must think about going for scopes with magnifications of 4 xs.

Variable electricity scopes are also a brilliant choice for hunts. These scopes come in specific tiers like; 3-9xs, or 4-12xs. These adjustable degrees are top notch for huge hunt games.

Objective lens

Your scope’s goal lens is the relationship between your eyes and the scope, the position and measurement of your objective lens decide the transmission of mild to your eyes.

There are goal lens of 32mm, 40mm and 50mm. Although the large the goal lens, the wider view you have, I have no longer seen many blessings from the different objective lens to a 40mm goal lens.

However, you should be aware of that 32mm objective lens gives a narrow area of view but 50mm objective lens presents a wider discipline of view however are notably heavier.


The functionality of your scope turret determines the changes of your riflescope. Good turrets permit you to obtain suitable wind age adjustments, elevation and parallax adjustments.

This will assist you zero in your scope to your desired target. Turrets are designed to meet the ballistics of specific rifles.

A .350 legend rifle is structured with a unique ballistic device and will shoot in another way in contrast to different rifles.

Long-range pictures require a lot of distance insurance and to acquire this, you need an appropriate turret to gain accuracy. You have to make certain that your scope turrets are firm and can assist you attain zero resets or stops during shots.


Nobody loves to spend whole lot money on objects that will no longer closing long, I agree with you wouldn’t choose to toss your pennies on fragile scopes.

You must find out the materials used in constructing the scopes you intend to buy, their coating and seals.

Recent scopes are constructed with aluminum or plastic materials, but you need to ensure that both substances are of high-grade quality.

Considering durability, an accurate scope has to be waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.


What is an excellent scope for a 350 legend? Good scope for a .350 legend is a scope that can zero in on objectives for as a long way as 300 yards.

 Good scopes for a 350 legend rifle ought to offer optimum performance, clear picks and suitable magnification ability…350 legend rifles are for hunting and for a scope to be good; it ought to meet all looking purposes.

What form of scope do I need for 300 yards?

Best scope for 350 legend

Variable scopes are what you need for long-range photographs for as some distance as 300 yards. Hunts and large game hikes are characterized with the aid of a capturing distance of 300 yards.

The type of scope wanted for 300 yards are 3-9x riffle scopes.3-9x variable scopes will assist you acquire zoom in on objectives besides issues of blurry images.

What is the ballistics of a 350 legend?

350 legend rifles are designed to a ballistic device of 2290 ft. per 2nd (fps) muzzle velocity, have an effect on pace of 1550fps, attaining long-range photographs of 250-300 yards…350 legends have a 21-grain powder loaded round potential and a bullet drop thru a caliber hole of .35.

The rifle is constructed to gain a low retreat and moderate muzzle blast.

Although .350 legend is built with a heavy bullet however its mild muzzle is a large aspect that worth studying. .350 legends consist of a chamber pressure of 55,000 pounds, and an extent of 1.92 cubic inches.


Choosing the great rifle scope for your .350 legend should turn out to be tiresome or irritating if achieved without a guide, but we accept as true with that if you follow the courses as provided you will obtain great price for your money.

The scopes we have provided have been examined for sturdiness and performance. You are guaranteed of getting the high-quality out of your purchase, depending on your choice and budget.

Every hunter deserves a correct scope to attain extraordinary overall performance on the subject and it will be nice if you get one.

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