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Best Monocular For Backpacking (Top 6 Backpacking Monoculars)

When going for a hike, tagging a backpack along is paramount. This backpack contains all the essential stuff that will be needed for your hike. We have compiled a list of the best monoculars for backpacking.

They have minimal weights as well as incredible offers. With these, it will not be hard to select one from the list for all your outdoor activities.

Outdoor adventures can never be fun if an optic is left behind. Nature has so much to offer and it is such a thrill when one can maximize what Mother Nature has for them.

However, in as much as you would like to carry the essentials for the hike, your backpack should never be heavy. This is a well-known golden rule among outdoor lovers.

Among other things, slip in an optic for the journey ahead, a monocular for that matter.

If possible, you should not leave your smartphone behind. It will be needed for taking photos and recording videos.

How else would you make your trip exciting or memorable if not by having such devices? Therefore thorough research on the best monocular for backpacking is a must-do.

Here, the idea is to choose a device that would minimize the weight in your backpack.

A monocular is the best choice whenever you are heading out and you do not want to carry anything that would render the journey less exciting.

ProductMagnificationUnique featuresModelCheck Price
1. Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular12x50mmPortable
Has a strong body

2. Vortex Optics Solo Monocular8x25mmIdeal for both glass wearers and non glass wearers
3.ROXANT High Definition Ultra-Light Mini Monocular Pocket Scope7x18mmIdeal for sport activities

4.LONOVE Monocular Telescope12x50mmHigh clarity
5.Nikon 8252 ACULON A211 10-22x50 Zoom Binocular (Black)10-22x50mmErgnomic design
6. Leica Monovid 8 x 20 Monocular with Leather Case (Black)8x20mmLong eye relief

This is a review of the Best Monocular for Backpacking


1.Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular


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Main features: Has a BAK PRISM, Shockproof, Waterproof, Good for Birdwatching, Widelife Scenary, Hunting

Gosky is one of the most popular brands that have been made available for anyone these days. The manufacturers of this brand know what the customers want and they give them just that.

In turn, the experience of outdoor adventurers is never the same again when they use these devices.

For any backpacking trip, a small, portable design is required. This way, it can easily be slid into a pocket and the owner will not even notice the weight of the optic.

In our case, Gosky Titan fits perfectly in our description. It is small and compact, a trait that has made many people pick it over others.

This is not the only feature this optic has; it is highly powered with a 12X magnification.

This means the images that you will see are brought closer to you 12 times. This will enable you to pick the great details of your targets when you are a distance away from it. You can experience the beauty all around you without having to move an inch.

The objective lens diameter is wide enough. It stands at 50mm. It has therefore been tailored to allow enough light to enter the optic. As a result, images that are more clear and bright are produced.

Here, you can see a more detailed object as if it is right next to you. It makes the backpacking trip or hikes more fun.

It allows you to capture beautiful moments without putting in too much effort into them.

It has a large BAK-4 prism. It means the glass is of very high quality and therefore it is reliable.

The Fully Multi-coated Lens Coating allows maximum transmission of light into the tube.

What results from this are images with high resolution and clarity.

Quality defines this optic. It has a solid construction, a feature that guarantees reliability in its use. The monocular is coated with rubber armor.

This provides a non-slip grip, protects it from rough handling, and it is a great shock absorber.

That is not all: its tube is filled with Nitrogen gas and it is sealed with the O-rings. These two features are responsible for its ability to resist water, fog, and shock. Your plans to continue enjoying your views in extreme weather conditions will therefore not be put on hold.

Do you want to take photos and record videos that would jog your memories years later? Then this is the monocular you should choose. It comes with a smartphone holder, the most recent for quick alignment, to allow you to take photos and videos for future reference. The holder is compatible with almost every smartphone on the market today. This means you are not limited to use certain phones only.

If you want to get value for your money or even more, this is the right monocular for you.

Its performance is topnotch and exceeds expectations. It can be used for wildlife scenery, hiking, hunting, and others.It is ranked as one of the best monocular for hunting.

Some of the review features include


  • Highly powered magnification.
  • Excellent field of view.
  • Wide lens diameter.
  • Produces images with high clarity and brightness.
  • It has a strong build quality.
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof design.
  • Small and compact therefore highly portable


  • Lining it up may be hard.
  • The adapter clips have high fragility.



2. Vortex Optics Solo Monocular

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Features: Ergonomic, waterproof, compact and lightweight, fair price for the quality, lifetime warranty, short eye relief, no lens caps,

Vortex brand has been in the market for almost two decades. This means the manufacturers have been able to produce optics whose performance is unparalleled for all those years.

It is a reputable company that people have all along gotten their optics from.

There are many factors that make them popular. One, their build quality is excellent. The optic has been made from high-quality material that makes it sturdy enough for longer use.

This means it is highly reliable and if you get one, you will never regret buying it.

There are many monocular that cost twice as much as this one, but it eventually outshines them in its performance.

It has features that are similar to those from the high-end brands, it is affordable, and it is efficient in its performance.

If you want to have a great view of your target without missing its finer details, choose an optic with great magnification. This optic has a magnification of 10X.

Images that are far away from you are brought closer to you ten times without producing blurry images. It allows you to see images better, something that feels like they are just close by.

The diameter of the objective lens is to be admired. It is 25mm wide. With this, the rate of light transmission to the monocular is excellent.

In the end, one can view images more clearly and brightly when they are a long distance away from them. That is not enough.

The lenses are fully multi-coated an aspect that increases the rate of light flow into the monocular. You will in turn capture images that are crisp and brighter.

Anyone would want a durable optic they can use for a long time. Vortex Solo is the right choice.

This is because it is coated with rubber armor for durability, protection against rough handling and providing the user with a firm grip to avoid sliding off their hands when using it.

If you are one of those who love working under any weather condition, this device is fit for you.

It has the O-ring seals as well as nitrogen gas purge that prevents water from getting into the tube thus hindering its use when it is raining.

Also, it does not fog up and it responds well due to shock.

You can easily adjust the eyecup if you want to have a comfortable view. It can be used by anyone, whether they wear glasses or not. The field of view is also quite excellent.

This is an optic worth owning. It is also one of the best monocular for bird watching, hunting, wildlife observation, hiking, and so much more.



  • It has a stunning field of view.
  • It has the right magnification of 10X.
  • It has a wide objective lens diameter.
  • Light transmission is top-notch.
  • It can be used by both glass wearers and non-glass wearers because of its adjustable eyecups.


  • It has a narrow focus ring.
  • It has a short eye relief.



3. ROXANT High Definition Ultra-Light Mini Monocular Pocket Scope


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Features: Good for hiking and camping, small scope, fits in the pocket and backpack, good for wildlife view

For any backpacking trip, you do not need to dig deeper into your pockets to afford a monocular that would change how you view anything around you.

There are affordable optics on the market today that would allow you to enjoy viewing your targets the same way those who own high-end optics do. This device is ROXANT.

It is one of the devices you will slip into your pockets, backpacks or even purse and never feel its weight because it is quite negligible.

It is small and compact, a feature that allows you to easily carry it around without getting tired. Even as you move around with it, you will love how easy it is to use. This makes it qualify as the best monocular for backpacking.

It has multi-coated optics. Light transmission is therefore great. This way, you are allowed to capture images that are clear and crisp when you are at a distance from the target.

The magnification of an optic is one of the most vital things that outdoor enthusiasts never fail to check.

It determines how much more the image will be brought closer for a better view. This optic has a 7X magnification, which is good enough to bring images from far away to a close view.

The images you get to see are brought seven times closer to you. As a result, you can get more details than you would have done using naked eyes or even taking a photo with a smartphone.

The diameter of the objective lens determines how much light will be incorporated into the optic.

This optic has a diameter of 18mm. Light transmission is quite good. The images produced are brighter, clearer and crisp.

The material used to make it is strong. It is therefore engineered to work for longer periods before it is replaced. Besides, it has a non-slip grip.

This way, you can comfortably hold and use it without worrying that it will fall or get broken.

It comes with a cleaning cloth, a neck strap, a very vital asset that will allow you to take your hands off them if exhaustion creeps in, and a carrying case.

There is no limit to the activities you can use this device for. Whether you are going for a hike, wildlife watching, hunting, and others, you can never go wrong with it.

So when making a choice on the best monocular for backpacking consider it too.


  • It has a durable construction.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is highly portable due to its small and compact design.
  • The images produced are clear and bright.
  • Light transmission is excellent.


  • It has a short eye relief.
  • Focus rings can only be turned using both hands due to its small size



4. LONOVE Monocular Telescope

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Features: Easy to use, good for birdwatching and hunting, fair price, BAK 4 prism, Good Clarity, lightweight, 

The right monocular for a hike is one that has great features, performs exceptionally well, works within your budget and is quite reliable.

With that, hiking and other outdoor activities become more enjoyable. LONOVE monocular is one of the best optics on the market today. Its features resemble those of the high-end devices and its functionality is excellent.

First, this optic is highly powered. It has a magnification of 10X. This means the images of the targets are brought 10 times closer to you. This will bring a better view of your target.

When you go to concerts, sporting events, hunting, etc. you will not feel like you are missing out on anything.

That is not all; the objective lens has a wide diameter that allows in enough light into the optic. When this happens, images with high clarity and brightness are produced.

The optic is fully multicoated and a quality BAK4-PRISM used on the glass. Hence, the glass is crystal clear.

As a result, there is an increase in the amount of light that is transmitted into the optic. The quality of the images is therefore quite excellent.

A quality optic is needed if you want to enjoy the benefits that come with owning one.

LONOVE is a high quality optic with a very strong construction. You will not need to worry about replacing it after a while because its quality is perfect.

The rubber armor coating on the optic provides the user with a non-slip grip. In addition, it absorbs shock and protects the device when it is roughly handled or scratched. The rubber coating gives you a comfortable viewing.

You can also adjust the eyecup up and down according to your needs. It accommodates anyone, whether you wear glasses or not. Focusing on the optic is quite easy too.

You get your desired images within an instant.

To prevent water, debris, dust, and fog from interfering with the way the optic works, it is sealed with O-rings and filled with nitrogen gas; a feature that makes all this possible.

The optic can, therefore, be used in extreme weather conditions.


  • It has a very simple focus mechanism.
  • Zooming in and out is easy.
  • It has a strong and quality build.
  • It offers a stunning field of view.
  • It is lightweight, small and compact thus carrying it around is easy.
  • Produces images with high clarity.


  • Holding it steady without a tripod is not easy.
  • It has fuzzy edges.



5. Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8×30 Inches Compact Binocular (Black)

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Features: Compact , good magnification, light weight,

As a person who uses binoculars often, you are no doubt always looking for the best scopes that can give you the clarity you desire.

The Nikon compact binocular is exactly what you need. It has a phase correction coated roof prism and eco-glass lenses that deliver optical clarity and bright images that make it worth your while.

It also has a multilayer coating that allows you to have a higher light transmittance throughout the visible light spectrum.

These are applied to both the prism and lens surfaces for great images, even in low light conditions.

For backpacking binoculars, you need one that is easy to use and lightweight. You do not need to carry a heavy one as it will wear you down.

The design of the binoculars also makes it enjoyable to hold for long periods.

You will also ensure the fact that the central focus knob is intuitive and therefore makes the gadget user-friendly.

It is also built to work in any environment as the rubber coating makes it resilient and not easy to damage even if it falls.


  • Weatherproof
  • Midsize
  • Ergonomic


  • Has chromatic aberration



6. Leica Monovid 8 x 20 Monocular with Leather Case (Black)

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Features : waterproof , fogproof,  coated roof prism, good eye relief

When going for a backpacking trip, camping or just for a hike with your loved ones or your friends, you should try as much as possible to ignore anything that would make your bag heavier.

For all the outdoor events, an optic should be a necessity. It should not be left behind when there is so much around you that will need to be viewed. The backpack should not contain a heavy monocular.

Leica Monovid is one of the devices that are lightweight and they can be carried easily in a backpack or slipped on your jacket for later use.

It is among the best monocular for backpacking because it has great features that are similar to the high-end ones. Its performance, therefore, is topnotch.

It features great construction from a very durable material. This makes it sturdier and shows that it can withstand many things that would hinder its performance.

Due to this, it is very reliable. Its great features do not stop here. It has been designed in such a way that it can resist water and buildup of fog.

The tube is filled with nitrogen gas to prevent it from fogging up while it has O-ring seals to prevent water from entering the tube.

It comprises of an 8X magnification. The images that seem small or those which cannot be seen with a human eye because of how far they are brought 8X closer. The diameter of the lens stands at 20mm. This is enough to allow in the maximum amount of light into the tube. This brings into view images that are brighter and clearer for you to enjoy.

It has a long eye relief. You will therefore not strain as you try to focus on the image. The eyepieces can accommodate anyone, whether they wear glasses or not.


  • It has a long eye relief.
  • It can be used by both glass wearers and non-glass wearers.
  • Its magnification (this is what the maximum could be) is superb.
  • It has a strong construction which makes it very reliable.
  • It is resistant to water, dust, and fog.


It is expensive



Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Monocular for Backpacking

When making decisions on the optic that one is supposed to buy, some people remain on the fence. I mean, there are so many options available, and choosing a certain optic over the other is not as easy.

If you want to pick the best backpacking monocular, consider these factors first. All these will also enable one to know the various uses of a monocular.

Size and Weight

best monocular for backpacking

When you go camping or hiking, you should avoid carrying things that would add more weight to your backpack.

You don’t want to tire easily before you can reach your destination and reap all the benefits.

You should buy a monocular that is small, compact and lightweight. It will be fun carrying it around because you will not feel its weight.

Actually, this is the number one factor to look at in all best monocular for backpacking


best monocular for back packing

A high magnification will bring images much closer. Consider this also in the choice that you make for the best backpacking monoculars. However, the more magnification of a monocular, the smaller the field of view.

You will not be able to get access to a bigger field of view that shows more details around the target.

If you go for the high powered, you may get into trouble trying to stabilize it. Choose a monocular according to its zoom.

The eye relief

It is important that you choose a monocular with long eye relief.

When you have such, you can use your optic without straining to get a better view.

A short eye relief will cause migraines due to strain or injury to your eyes due to the recoil of the gun.



An optic is a must-have item for backpacking. However, be keen on the type of optic you bring to your trip. For example, a binocular will take much space and it is much heavier when compared to a monocular.

A monocular, therefore, is the right device that you should tag long. You will be surprised at the things this small device can do out there.

The best monocular for backpacking that is available in the market today are not one-size-fits-all devices.

Not everyone will choose any monocular they find there. Anyone who aspires to buy one has a different taste than the other.

Some people look at the features, brands, prices, efficiency, performance, and others before buying one.

The information provided in this article is very useful. You will find that choosing your backpacking monocular will not be as hard. Each of the optics has been selectively chosen for you.

Choose one that will work with your budget.

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