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Best Binoculars For Bow Hunting

What to know about best binoculars for bow hunting

When the temperatures are warm outside and your feeling like you need an outdoor activity. Bow hunting could be the perfect thing to do. Then you remember that you don’t own binoculars and all your moods come shooting down back to zero. In that case, doing research on the best binoculars for bow hunting is vital.

I remember how after I closed school for the holidays I would go hunting with my dad. We didn’t have binoculars, it was all traditional style hunting like how the Lions did.

But we rarely caught anything. So last holiday I made my dad buy hunting binoculars and it was the best decision he ever made.

That could also be you. Plus, you didn’t have to do it alone. In this article, you will learn about the 5 top of the line hinging binoculars sold in the market.

Plus a detailed Buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for when you go out to shop for one.

ProductMagnificationSpecial FeatureImageCheck Price
Vortex Optics Diamondback Classic Binoculars10x42 mmLight weight
Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42 Binocular10x42mmMulticoated lens
Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10x4210x 42mmHigh clarity of images
Celestron 71346 Outland X 8x42 Binoculars8x42mmWater proof
Nikon 7548 MONARCH 7 8x42 Binocular8x42mmQuality images
Wingspan Optics Skyview Ultra HD - 8X42 Binoculars8x42mmHigh clarity

Top 6  binoculars for bow hunting

1.Vortex Optics Diamondback Classic Binoculars

Speaking of binoculars that deserve the number one spot is this Vortex optics diamondback classic.

Much like the Vortex Viper collection buy even better.

It has a 10 times magnification and a 42 mm objective diameter. A very favourable diameter length hence an equally wide field of view.

With a wide field of view of 345 feet over 1000 yards and an angle of view of 6.6 degrees. The binoculars offer great viewing capabilities.

In terms of its optics, it has a roof prism combined with a fully multicoated layer in the lens to prevent colour distortions and aberrations as well as glares.

The lens has a rain guard and tethered cover to protect them from damage from environmental elements as well as scratches.

For added protection, the binoculars also come with a carrying case and a strong neck strap.

Strong enough to resist wear and tear as well as ensure comfort during carriage.

The binoculars have a lifetime warranty meaning the binoculars can be repaired or replaced at any time after its purchase.


  • The chassis of the binoculars have a rubber coating to allow for easy gripping and weatherproof capabilities.
  • The lens has a protective coating as well to protect from environmental damages.
  • The binoculars have a lifetime warranty allowing you to fix it anytime.
  • The wide objective lens diameter allows for a longer eye relief for glass wearers.
  • The binoculars are sturdy and lightweight
  • It is not expensive to purchase


  • Even though it is tripod adaptable, it is not included in the packagin


2.Vanguard Endeavor ED 10×42 Binocular

Another top of the line binoculars is this weatherproof perfectly constructed binoculars. It has a 10 times magnification and a 42 mm objective lens diameter.

It allows for a wider field of view of your target during hunting.

The optics are brilliant.

With an extra low Dispersion glass and a multilayered coating on the lens. You can be assured of good quality light transmission.

The images will be sharper, brighter and have more contrast.

The glass used in making the binoculars is the ultra-reliable BAK4 roof prism also known as barium crown glass.

It offers the best picture quality without colour distortions or aberrations.

Exteriors are not only stylish but due to the nitrogen purge, they are fully waterproof, dust resistant, fog proof, and shock-resistant.

The eyecups have a 3 stage twist-out mechanism to allow for long eye relief of 16.5 mm suitable for glass wearers.


  • The lens has a multi-phase coating for better image quality.
  • The non-slip rubber exteriors bring out a stylish yet durable finish.
  • The binoculars have a locking diopter to allow for easy focusing for the user.
  • The binoculars have a wide field of view of 340 feet over 1000 yards and angle of view of 6.5 degrees which is suitable for spotting during hunting.
  • The binoculars have a lifetime warranty.
  • It is lighter than most binoculars weighing only 25 ounces.


  • The package does not come with many additional accessories such as lens covers.


3.Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10×42

Bow hunting is also perfect with the use of these binoculars. It has a good magnification of a 10x42mm lens. The image quality of the binoculars is top-notch.

This is because of the technology of light transmission that it has.

It also has an advanced optical system and anti-reflective lenses that enhance quality light transmission,

Clarity of the binoculars is also enhanced by the coating on the roof prism that has multi-layer coatings for clear and bright images.

The binoculars is durable and strong.

This is because of the compact design that it has as well as the armored coating. There is also the element of it being waterproof and fog proof.

This means that it can be used during all weather conditions.

This is a property brought about by the argon purge as well as the 0-ring seal that it has.

The eyecups can as well be adjusted. This is to give one all the options for getting the best view. At the end of the day this is all we want to get that prey down. Easy adjustments also make it easier to use.


  • Durable
  • Has adjustable eyecups
  • Has multilayer prisms for image clarity


  • Huge


4. Celestron 71346 Outland X 8×42 Binoculars



As the name suggests, this binoculars is the perfect addition to all your outdoor activities.

With a magnification power of 8 and a 42mm objective lens diameter.

The field of view is equally wide measuring 357 feet over 100 yards to allow for easier viewing.

The Outland has a BAK4 glass roof prism to provide the best quality for your imaging needs.

The prism also has a multi-layered coating to provide for sharper, brighter and more contrast on the images.

The binoculars have a close focus length of 13 feet with a diopter adjustment range of over or below 3.

The eyecups also twist up to allows for easy use and faster adjusting. It also has a focus knob for easily and sharper focusing.

The exterior coating is made of non-slip rubber for a more comfortable grip. It is also essential to ensure the binoculars is not only waterproof but also fog proof and dust resistant.

The binoculars come with added accessories including a strong and comfortable neck strap, objective lens caps with a rain guard.

A manual for easy instructions and a carrying case made of top quality nylon.


  • The binoculars have a lifetime warranty allowing you to fix or replace the gadget anytime after purchase.
  • The carrying case is made of waterproof material called neoprene.
  • This outland has tripod adjusting threads for easier mounting.
  • The exterior casing enhances the longevity of the binoculars.
  • The barium crown glass uses in the construction allows for colour fidelity.



5. Nikon 7548 MONARCH 7 8×42 Binocular


Nikon is at it again with their Monarch 7 series. These binoculars have a magnification power of 8 and an objective lens diameter of 42 mm.

This allows for a wider field of view for your hunting activities.

The binoculars have an extra low Dispersion glass to prevent colour distortions and aberrations.

The roof prism made with the BAK4  glass has a fully multi-coated layer.

The coating has a dielectric and high refractive index to allow enough light to transmit through the binoculars.

This, in turn, allows for brighter and sharper images.

The binoculars are all terrain with an exterior coating made of rubber.

It is now waterproof, dust resistant and fog proof. It is also shock resistant with comfortable and easy grips.

The binoculars have added accessories such as the lens coverings to protect against dist and scratches. The carrying case and the straps.


  • The exterior coating has an ergonomic feel as well as durability bu being weatherproof.
  • The fully multi-layer coating allows for images to be in HD quality.
  • The roof prism has a phase corrector which adds added clarity to the images.
  • It has a wide field of view to see the images better even over long distances (check out these binoculars if that’s important to you).
  • It has a long eye relief for those who wear glasses.
  • It has a lifetime warranty for any damages caused.
  • The clarity of the images is wanting.
  • Color aberration is experienced.


  • The gadget is quite expensive.
  • Even though it is tripod adaptable, you have it purchase it separately.



6. Wingspan Optics Skyview Ultra HD – 8X42 Binoculars


Wingspan has an optical genius in this binoculars.

With a magnification of 8 times and 42 mm objective lens diameter.

The binoculars offer a favourable field of view of 393 feet over 1000 yards and picture closeness.

The eye relief of 17.8 mm is also long to aid with those who were glasses.

The exteriors of the binoculars are duratech to allow for longevity and great service.

It has both strength and resilience.

The exterior rubber coating allows for the binoculars to be waterproof, dust resistant, fog proof and shock resistant.

The optics are high end with an extra low Dispersion glass together with a multi-phase coating on the lens.

This provides more light to be transmitted hence better image quality.

There will reduce chromatic distortions and aberrations. There will also be reduced glares from reflective lighting.

The packaging comes with a nylon mesh carrying case. Very durable and strong. It also comes with eyepiece and lens covers, and a non-abrasive microfiber cloth.


  • The exteriors have been perfectly constructed with durable and weatherproof rubber coating.
  • The lens has an ED glass plus they’re multi-phase coated for superb picture quality.
  • It’s light in weight measuring only 1.5 pounds.
  • Breathtaking clarity due to the fully multi-coated layer on the lens.
  • It has a lifetime warranty for a worthy investment in the gadget.
  • It is tripod adaptable.
  • It has pocket-friendly prices.


  • There are no adjustable diopter or eyecups for easy focusing.
  • Not very suitable for wise under low light areas.



Buyer’s guide for best binoculars for bow hunting

Bow hunting is one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can do alone or with friends and family. But before you purchase the perfect binoculars, you need to have all the right information.

That’s why there’s this comprehensive guide. Read on to find out more details on the best binoculars for bow hunting


It is better off, to begin with, what your pocket can handle. It’s no lie, some of the best hunting binoculars are expensive.

Ranging to over $3000 and above. Not saying that you will not get a good quality gadget for just $500. But some features are more enhanced with the first choice.

Better qualities refer to the structure and contents used, the image and picture quality as well as other durable factors.

Chassis material

Different brands will make use of different materials to make their product stand out in terms of longevity, accuracy, and performance efficiency.

That is why some have rubber exteriors and plastic interiors. While others have metal interiors with a plastic coating.

All the inner and outer details are important as they also stretch out to other important details. For example, a rubber coating will be weatherproof.

It will also give off a non-slip and comfortable grip.


Binoculars provide the chance to look closer into the image you want to see. In the case of bow hunting, you require binoculars with a high power amplification.

Well, this is because if you want to determine the sex of the animal or the tines.

More so, you may not know the type of animal you are looking for.

For that case, a high magnification of 12× would be best.

Binoculars come in 3 power dimensions: 8×, 10× and 12×. As for the other 2 types of magnification. The field of view is wider.

Meaning a better more pleasant sight. But you wouldn’t be able to look at the finer details that require you to be extremely close.

As for all the 3 magnification power, you need to know what you are looking for as you are hunting to determine the best.

Otherwise, if you want something extremely close then may a spotting scope would be best. In any case, any best binoculars for bow hunting will have clear images for you to see the target.

Objective lens

Every title of binoculars has a figure like 12×40. 40 represents the diameter of the objective lens.

For hunting purposes, you will need the lens diameter to be as wide as possible.

This is because a wider diameter means a bigger lens.

Then more light can easily be transmitted by allowing you to see even in a low light environment.

Especially if you like to hunt in the wee hours of the morning or just before night.

Prisms and prism coating

There are 2 types of prisms that can be used during the construction of binoculars. Roof or Porro.

The Porro prism is superior to the roof in terms of the type of glass it is. It has a high refractive index, therefore, preventing glares.

One disadvantage of the Porro is that it’s much heavier than the roof.

An even though roof prisms need a corrective coating to enhance the image quality. The Porro prism may be too much to carry and handle around.


It has already been said that good binoculars need a wide objective lens for a wider field and view and a better glass for clearer imaging.

There are other optical factors to look at. For example, you will need the correct coating for your lens to provide sharper and brighter images.

Package details

This can be a saving tip or a guide so you are well informed.

Some binoculars come with additional accessories such as neck straps, tripods and carrying cases or bag packs.

Look to ensure that they are of high quality.

The straps should be made of high-end material to withstand wear and tear.

The tripod should be stable, and the carry case should effectively cover the lining of the lens to prevent damages. The backpack could be made of nylon for added durability.



It’s never easy to shop for a gadget. Whether it’s a phone, a camera, or binoculars. There are many details to look for that sometimes all the money can describe to you.

That’s why the above-detailed guide comes in handy. Following the information on it will make sure that you get the best binocular for bow hunting.

With that information, you are well equipped to make an informed decision.

Plus you can as well be able to relate to the 5 top-rated binoculars at the beginning of the article.

The 5 may not be your taste or style. Or they could be expensive. Either way, after you have read this article, you are a step ahead of getting the best there is.

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