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Best 200 Yards Scope (2021 review)

Finding a high-quality 200-yard scope to shoot out is often a challenging task. Most people do not have enough cash to purchase the best 200 yards scope. It even becomes more challenging if the local range goes out to 100 yards only. You don’t have to spend a lot to find an excellent scope for 200 yards target. 200 yards is a far distance, and shooting needs a medium magnification scope. Until you get the best, you will be forced to get a whole lot of scopes to get a suitable one for that far. Some of the best 200 yards scopes are:

Best 200 Yards Scope Review 2021

ProductMagificationSpecial feautureImageCheck Price
1. Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x50mm Riflescope3.5-10x 50 mmGood Image Clarity
2. Simmons 4-16X40 Protarget Black FC Wp/Fp T Turrets Sf4-16x40 mmEasy to use
3.UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , Black3-12x44 30 mmHas an illuminated reticle
4.Hawke Vantage 3-9x40 AO Scope Mil-Dot Riflescope (14123)3-9x40 mmHas an illuminated reticle
5Primary Arms SLX 1-6x24mm FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS-Raptor-5.56/.3081-6x24 mmHas a fast focus eye piece
6.Nikon Buckmasters II, 4-12x40mm, BDC, Rifle Scope4-12x40mmGood eye relief

1. Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x50mm Riflescope

The scope provides quality optics with extra design features to improve performance in low light conditions.

Product Features

It is a trusted scope with a tube made from aircraft-quality aluminum for durability. The material ensures the scope can withstand abuse from heavy recoil. Its design is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.

The scope has finger-click adjustable turrets for elevation and windage. The settings of Leupold provide greater precision and holds zero compared to other scopes.

Its magnification range is 3.5-10x. The lenses feature ion-assist lens coatings for greater clarity. The Leupold includes the Twilight Max Light Management System, which provides 20 more minutes of light at dusk or dawn. It also helps reduce glare.

To know more about the scope you can check on leupold vs vortex scopes.


  • It has superior image clarity compared to other scope options
  • Leupold captures less reflection and glare in low-light conditions
  • Its design is durable and is made to withstand heavy recoil hence not easily damaged


  • It is among the most expensive scopes 200 yards range



2. Simmons 4-16X40 Protarget Black FC Wp/Fp T Turrets Sf


The Simmons Protarget Scope is an affordable scope designed for ease of use. It offers a balance of features for its price, with flip-up scope caps and a mil-dot reticle.

Product Features

The Protarget provides a magnification that ranges from 2.5-10x has a 40mm objective lens. It is ready to use the product after purchase and comes with medium mounting rings.

It has a short tube and is fully shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof. Its lenses are coated but do not have multiple coatings. There is usually a significant reduction in clarity when using this scope in high magnification levels or low-light settings.

Simmons Protarget Black includes standard turrets to adjust for windage and elevation. The turrets use MILs. The values use the metric system, which beginners may find easier to understand, hence easy to use. The Protarget scope is not a durable choice.

When used with a large caliber rifle, the recoil may damage the internal parts. This scope is affordable and is best used with lighter riffles. 


  • It is an affordable option
  • It is easy to mount and use
  • It provides a wide range of magnification


  • Image may blur at high magnification or in low light
  • The scope can break when used with a large caliber



3.UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , Black

The affordable UTG Compact Scope has a sizeable objective lens that improves light transmission in low light conditions. The scope is very compact to build the best 200-yard scope.

Product Features

The scope is designed for use with rifles with heavy recoil and in tough environments. It has advanced circuitry that protects the internal components from recoil. It is made with a tube measuring 30-millimeter.

The tube is filled with nitrogen and sealed, making it waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. The optics have a magnification range of 3-12x. If you can’t get a clear view at 200 yards with 9x magnification, you may require additional power. In addition to the wide range of magnification levels, the scope has an objective lens measuring 44mm.

The size of the objective lens provides greater light transmission enhanced with fully multicoated lenses. It has adjustable turrets that include MIL measurements, while the glass has an illuminated MIL-DOT reticle.


  • It is affordable as a reliable scope
  • Its construction is dependable construction to hold up to tough use
  • The large objective lens ensures greater light transmission in low-light conditions


  • The illuminated reticle may distract some hunters



4. Hawke Vantage 3-9×40 AO Scope Mil-Dot Riflescope (14123)


The Hawke Vantage Riflescope is crafted to improve clarity in low-light conditions and will work well at medium or close range.

Product Specs

Hawke Riflescope Vantage Riflescope has a 3-9x magnification range and objective lens measuring 40mm. The lenses are a fully multicoated optical system with many layers of coatings. Therefore, you will get reliable light transmission, which results in better clarity and contrast.

The Hawke Vantage also comes with an illuminated reticle. The center dot in the MIL-DOT reticle usually remains illuminated in green or red to improve visibility in low light conditions or low lights. The turrets include ¼ MOA clicks. They are easily adjusted, while the low-profile design ensures that the turrets remain out of the way. It has a fixed parallax focus at 100 yards.

The 200-yard scope has a battery for the illuminated reticle and lens covers. If the rifle uses the standard mounting rings, it becomes easy to mount the scope. While this is a recent scope with an affordable price range, one of the best features is the warranty is one of its features. Hawke replaces or repairs your scope at no charge if it is damaged or defective.


  • Has a lifetime warranty that covers damage and defects
  • It includes an illuminated reticle that gives a clear image.
  • It has a large objective lens that helps in improving light transmission.


  • It does not remain zeroed if you are using a large caliber rifle.



5. Primary Arms SLX 1-6x24mm FFP Rifle Scope – Illuminated ACSS-Raptor-5.56/.308


It is a mid-range scope with a fast-focus eyepiece and a traditional MIL-DOT reticle that ensures accuracy when shooting at medium or close range. It is an excellent match with the best scopes for 200 yards.

Product Specs

The Primary Arms SLX has a magnification range of 4-14x and a large 44mm objective lens.  The large objective lens enables you to get a wide range of magnifications. Therefore, it is the right choice if you want to shoot beyond 200 yards. The scope includes features that are not found on a comparable scope of the same price range. It comes with a fast-focus eyepiece and a side-adjustable parallax.

The features appeal to hunters, as they allow them to track their target easily. Its turrets are large and easy to adjust. They include MIL adjustments for elevation and windage. The reticles of Primary Arms SLX Rifle Scope Includes a standard MIL-DOT design that will help you calculate range and holdover. The scope has a tube that is fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof.

The quality construction of the scope helps withstand heavy recoil. The field of view is usually small, mainly when focusing at 200 yards. It offers a 7.85-foot field of view at 100 yards with a magnification of 14x. The Primary Arms SLX is best used in low light conditions as your go-to 200-yard scope.


  • It has a wide magnification range suitable for distances beyond 200 yards.
  • It has a large objective lens that provides an excellent light transmission.
  • The adjustment of parallax offers control when focusing.


  • The exposed turrets are usually large and may get snagged at times.
  • The field of view is a bit small at the highest magnification levels.



6.Nikon Buckmasters II, 4-12x40mm, BDC, Rifle Scope


With this type of product, you will get an affordable scope with useful magnification and clear and bright images.

Features of Nikon Buckmasters II

The scope stands out due to its high-quality glass. Nikon is majorly a camera manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in producing superb lenses. The Nikon Buckmasters II lenses are multicoated to increase the transmission of light at dusk or dawn. The superior optics ensures that you get a clear and crisp view. The magnification on this product ranges from 4x to 12x.

It may not be the best for close range, but it should provide the required magnification for distances between 100 yards and 300 yards. It has a tube that is nitrogen filled and is designed to withstand shock, water, and fog. Thanks to the features, Nikon Buckmasters II holds up in rugged conditions.

The turrets on this scope are adjustable using fingers. The adjustments remain zeroed in, with heavy recoil. It is reliable and versatile with an affordable price, making it the right choice as the best 200-yard scope.


  • It has clear optics that stands out compared to other scopes within the price range.
  • The scope is easy to mount to most rifles and is lightweight.
  • It withstands heavy recoil and provides generous eye relief.


  • Nikon Buckmasters II turrets are made from cheap material and may need to be replaced regularly.



Factor to Consider before buying the Top 6 Best scope for 200 Yards

To ensure that you shoot at 200 yards with accuracy, you need a scope with good magnification. This type of range is best used when hunting big or medium game such as deer and moose. Some features will help you purchase the best choice. They are:

Objective Lens Size

The size of the lens is an essential factor to consider before buying a scope. It determines the amount of light that enters the scope. The best scope for 200 yards should have unique features due to the long-range and moving targets.

One of the unique features is the size of the objective lens. The lens with a larger diameter allows more light to enter your scope and hence clear images. The large size is also helpful in dim-light conditions, like when hunting at dusk. A scope with a sizeable objective lens will result in a heavier and larger scope.

Considerations for the Field of View

Field of View is the area’s diameter through the glass of scope and is expressed degrees. When the field of view is large, the area you are viewing also enlarges. Exit pupil is defined as the image formed on the eyepiece to help you see. An exit pupil measuring 7mm provides maximum light to your eye. 

The field of view does have an impact on vision, especially if your targets are moving. A smaller field of view allows you to see less of the target surrounding. It also decreases as you continue zooming in. Many scopes are rated based on the field of view when at 100 yards for its lowest and highest magnification settings. Suppose a scope offers 30 feet at 100 yards. It is important to ensure you have a decent field of view on your rifle for 200 yards.

Eye Relief

The recoil that you will receive from heavier rifles is suitable for medium-range shooting. Therefore, it requires more generous eye relief. The average eye relief for a rifle scope is three inches. Depending on if you are wearing glasses or the recoil, you want to purchase a larger eye relief scope. Larger eye relief keeps the scope from hitting the safety glasses.

BDC Reticle

When at 200 yards, you will want mil-dot reticle e bullet drop compensation. Such reticles help you to zero the scope and will also help in compensating for bullet dropping at long ranges.

Eye Strain and Weight of the Scope

Wight should be a consideration when purchasing a scope. You should also determine the time for use because you will get tired when using a heavy scope for an extended time. It is difficult to use them for a long time with the regular scope, while the high-end scope does not strain the eye.

A Waterproof Product

Scopes are essential products you can use on different occasions. They should have some waterproof degree to ensure they do not fail when exposed to conditions with water. Some scope models can stay underwater for a few minutes; others will remain undamaged even when submerged in water for long hours.

Lens Quality and Coating

Lens coating lens is crucial because it will reduce the amount of light that gets reflected. The coating also allows the maximum amount of light to enter through the lenses. The quality ensures that the image produced has better contrast and is aberration-free. The best scope lenses work better in dim light conditions since they can transmit more light. The quality of the lens also ensures the colors are not or washed out or distorted. Therefore, if you have poor eyesight, you should look for a scope with a high eyepoint.

Magnification Needed for the Use of A Scope for 200 Yards

The best scope for 200 yards should provide an optimal magnification. Different scopes offer fixed or variable magnification. A fixed scope has a set magnification level. If focusing on different ranges, it is good to use a variable scope. The correct magnification allows you to shoot at close ranges when your target moves closer to your position.

On the other hand, a variable scope magnification will bring your target into view at close or medium range. The field of view usually gets smaller as you zoom in. When purchasing a scope with a higher range of magnification, you should ensure that it can offer a larger field of view.

A scope that offers a magnification range of 1x to 3x at its lowest power level is suitable for close-range shooting. If planning to shoot at 100 yards or more, scopes with a minimum magnification of 4x should be the best choice.

The highest magnification level usually determines the most extended range you can target.  A scope with higher magnification levels are usually but may have a higher power setting for its lowest magnification level. You can find many scopes with magnification ranges of 3-9x and 4-12x scopes, but you will not find one with magnification ranging from  1-15x or1-12x  scopes. You also w need such large magnification if you’re not shooting long-range.

Variable scopes have variable eye relief. When you dial up the scope to the highest zoom setting, your eye relief becomes the shortest. That may interfere with your face’s position, the glasses, or even open you to the risk for scope bite.

The overall craftsmanship of the scope and the quality of the glass affect clarity at various magnification levels. A quality scope with 4-14x magnification should offer better accuracy compared to a cheap scope with 4-14x magnification. A high magnification on a cheap scope can cause blurring when you are looking through the reticle.

Final Verdict For the Top-rated 200 Yards Scope

No matter the type of scope you choose, you get a great value when you pick a scope for 200 yards from the scopes discussed above. Most of these scopes offer comparable magnification levels, which match for a 200-yard scope.

The Nikon Pristaff P5 and Simmons Protarget offer 2.5-10x magnification, hence providing the greatest versatility for shooting. The other options usually provide a 3x or 4x magnification range on their lowest setting and 9x to 12x on their highest setting. Therefore, it makes the magnification range the best fit for the 200-yard scope.

If you need a little extra magnification or have poor eyesight, the Primary Arms SLX will provide a 4-14x magnification range that will suit you. The scopes are also equipped with large objective lenses that measure about 40mm.

The Hawke Vantage Rifle Scope and UTG Compact Scope include illuminated reticle features useful in low-light environments.

The Leupold is best for offering the clearest optics hence the best scope for low light conditions. However, it is among the most expensive scopes for 200 yards shooting.  

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II offers the best balance between features, quality, and price. It is overall the best scope for 200 yards. However, its glass is not as clear as the one on the Leupold. It is still a good glass. If you don’t want to use a lot of money on the Leupold, you can purchase the Vortex Crossfire II.

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