If you are considering taking your hunting skills to a whole new level, then ATN thOR 4 640 thermal scope review is your perfect way. The scope has numerous outstanding features that guarantee to keep your outdoor experience memorable, fun, and quite exceptional.

Unlike other traditional scopes, this ATN thermal scope has a precise design that guarantees quality performance and excellent imaging under any circumstances. However, if you are yet to make your decision on whether you should get this device or not, here are some of its top features for your considerations. It happens to be one the best thermal scope under $5000.


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  • Ballistic Calculator

This feature guarantees that every shot you make counts, and it amounts to something. The ballistic calculator takes care of you by calculating adjustment angles for you. Therefore, you will not have to deal with all mathematical calculations when on the field. In other words, unlike with traditional scopes, you will not have to carry paper and a pen to record your findings.

 Instead, the scope will perform the calculations for you, suggest necessary adjustments, and allow you to enjoy hitting your target with a simple shot. Additionally, this feature operates automatically and is not limited to any physical changes. This is to say; when the weather changes, the scope will adjust to meet the difference. Therefore, you might not even notice the changes.

Since it operates through detecting the temperature of the target, its ballistic calculator makes it possible for you to hit your target even from an angled position. While calculating, it also gives you the odds of accuracy by putting into consideration all the possible challenges, including wind, weapon profile, and range.

  • Dual-Stream Video

When you are out for hunting, and you have a good rifle equipped with the best thermal scope, you can help it but want to show your friends your skills. This is what happens when you have ATN Thor thermal scope within your reach. It allows you to stream live all the action as it all takes place. Therefore, when you are in the field, all you will need is to connect with your friends and transmit all the actions.

Additionally, the scope can record all the videos in an SD card for storage. Therefore, when you are not out for hunting, you can always look back and get reminded of it feels like to be in the field. On the brighter side, you can also set your scope to both streams and record the video as you focus on getting your target.

The scope has a high-quality sensor that guarantees that the image quality on the video is not compromised. Therefore, even as you set to watch your memories later, you will be impressed at how you can tell what is happening as well as the type of your prey.

What makes it even more interesting is that it does all this simultaneously. In other words, you will not have to divert your primary focus to make something else happen. This means, with a single shot, you will not only hit your target but will also create memories for yourself as well as show your friends you are still in charge of your hunting yard.

  • Smart Range Finder

You don’t have to keep wasting your rounds with guesswork. Instead, use the ATN Thor thermal scope and enjoy the easy ways of hunting. This scope can make distance estimation and adjust to show you the right place to hit and make an impact.

In other words, with this scope, you don’t have to be completely sure of where to find your target. The smart range finder feature makes the distance calculation for you as you aim and wait for the scope to adjust its impact points for your advantage.

This also means you don’t have to memorize charts as you prepare for hunting or even deal with complex calculations for the hunting adventure. It does all this quite fast that you may not even notice you were off the target in the first place.

  • Easy To Mount and Use

It comes with an L-shape ring and standard rings for easy mounting on your scope. Therefore, once you get your hands on these devices, you will not be worried about expertise qualification for getting functioning. It also comes with a manual that gives you directions on how to mount it. Therefore, you will not have to spend more time trying to figure out how to mount the scope.

Additionally, all the control buttons are perfectly placed to allow you easy access. This, therefore, guarantees that regardless of your skills with the device, you can still perform at your best.

However, unlike traditional scope, with this device, when you want to zoom in or out, the device has a spin wheel. This allows you to spin whenever you want to enhance image clarity.

Other buttons also feature a classical ergonomic design to ensure your experience with the device is exceptional. It features 21st-century technology, which was primarily made to all shooting experiences familiar and easy.

To zero-in with this scope, you will only waster one shot and get everything right. Since it adjusts automatically, you will not have to struggle with excess calculations and try and errors before getting it right. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the device will save you time and also give more time to focus on actual hunting rather than target shooting.


Whatever reasons that interest you for good hunting gear, topping it up with this amazing tool is not a mistake, it ensures to give you an open space to fill in the spots and achieve your desires while in the field. It also comes at an affordable rate, which is a guarantee that the thermal scope is here to ensure you are the best at what you do. Lastly, when you are buying, it is essential to ensure that you are getting the right device and value for the money. Therefore, take your time and master a few basics of holding a rifle.

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